Cool Canadian cop defuses potential road rage fight

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The aggressor has PINK short pants on?

My previous thoughts on PINK short pants will be re-evaluated…


Yeah, that’s what I came to comment. Pretty belligerent for guy wearing hot pink shorts. And I think he’s wearing crocs.

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The “crocs” are the last straw for me, too…

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Man, I can’t wait for the next season of Trailer Park Boys.


Just needed one of them to look up and yell ‘Fuck off, Lahey!’


i’m not really getting how the cop was really the one diffusing the situation here.

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But clearly, the ragers heard the officer. You can see pink-shorts point at him, and you can even faintly hear “listen to the officer,” spake by pink-shorts.


doh, i always get those confused. : )

i guess he had an effect on the situation, but it seemed like they were both ready to go off in a huff anyway, whether or not the officer on the bridge yelled insults at them or not.

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BUT he didn’t shoot anyone! …oh Canadian cop, that makes more sense.


Being Canada, it was probably something like this, “I told you to go first!”

“No way, eh, you were clearly ahead of me, I told you to go first.”

“No, I insisted that you take the spot ahead of me.”

“And while I appreciate the offer, I respectfully decline and insist you go ahead of me.”


Yeah, I couldn’t really understand why the cop was just talking the whole time. Do Canadian cops not carry guns?


Alternate sound track for the argument.


Yes, of course, but it just goes to show that they don’t always need to use them. Good on the cop.

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And nobody got shot. Go figger.


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It would have been a good way of finding out that American cops are now issued sniper rifles.

They do, but rarely use them. My in-laws’ next-door neighbor was OPP for 25 years, and never once had to pull his gun (that was his claim, at least).

“Had to” is an interesting way to put that.

good use of spake.

the aggressor was just a bluffer, and likely the one at fault (if there was a rear-ender).