Cool cover for a 1974 hobbyist electronics magazine


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“As far as possible, the circuits in Elektor are designed so that they can be built with standard components that most retailers will have in stock.”

Ah, those were the days.


“Everything about it seemed like it was created this year - the typeface”

Helvetica existed in 1974.


No jokes about smoking pots?

If you don’t want your pots to smoke, stop running so much current through them.


Actually, the dead bug construction marks it as last century stuff.
It’s so cheap to get a custom pcb made now.
That reminds me I have an old bottle of FeCl3 I need to dispose of…


It could be artisinally produced!

There’s a lot of charm in builds using these antiquated methods, although they obviously aren’t suited to any sort of production scale.


If you have any lying around, it can be used to reveal the dates of “dateless” Buffalo Nickels, where the date is worn so smooth that it can no longer be read untreated - which is a notorious design flaw for that series. The commercial product intended for that purpose is called Nic-A-Date, but apparently the PCB etchant ferric chloride will work as well.


1974 indeed!


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