The beauty of blank VHS tape covers


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There sure was. You see a lot of that design ethic in that whole vaporwave thingamybob the kids are into nowadays.

(Plus of course Vaporwave has that whole VHS tracking/jagged lines stuff going on)


Damn Rob where’d you find that videocassette ad from the 19A0s?


As a kid of the 80’s, I remember so many of those awesome designs!

Can’t quite get the same on an SD card or USB stick…


Nothing like a good trip down to the 19A0’s.


Apparently, it’s over…

PS: I’m so old…


This would make a great screensaver.



It’s like superhreo comix.


Damn, I spent twenty minutes misreading both your post and L0ki’s as “Vaporware”, not “Vaporwave.” Took me forever to figure out why people are following stuff that never existed.

My eyes… they are bad…


Vaporwave will never die.

It’s the elevator music of the soul.



And just like characters in comics I don’t think any of those names were actual things.


Much like the 1980s, vaporwave will endure forever.


I’m listening to Com Truise right now…


Yeah, I left out “epitaxial”, which would work in comix if you didn’t know it’s a thing.


So good. He’s a pretty funny guy too, both during a show, and if you catch him around.


Where can one find a cover for his or her tablet that bears a blank VHS cover design, thus making said tablet appear as though it were a blank VHS cassette tape (perhaps w/ episodes of Diff’rent Strokes on it). Now that would be nostalgia nirvana.


I’m amazed at how many of those covers I recognized. Also, bitchin’ animation.


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