Boombox "turns any cassette into vaporwave"

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Reading fail on my part. I misread “vaporwave” as “vaporware” and was expecting a tape player that erased tapes as it played them.

After listening to the video, I might have preferred that.



I too only see vaporware. Now that I see your post I can see “vaporwave” in the title.


Get this tape player to the set of Stanger Things, STAT!

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If you haven’t indulged in the feels that is vaporwave, do your self the favour; head over to YT and load up on that stuff.

Try this one on for size (preferably at your local mall’s Target): Remember Summer Days

I want this.

Low batteries in a cheap Walkman had a similar effect.


OK, now try a Slayer cassette…

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…Call it Doom then.

My old turntable used to start sounding like this every couple months, then I’d open it up and cut all the wound up hair off the central spindle and it would be fine again.

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Reminds me of the of how eurobeat was discovered.


I have no idea what the video is trying to demonstrate. It looks like someone playing cassette tapes with the audio distortions associated with such tech. So?

What am I missing?

A review of the linked-to website does nothing to clarify my confusion.



Are you familiar with vaporwave? It’s a “genre” that combines late 1980s/early 1990s VHS nostalgia, Japanese culture references, glitch art, culture jamming, shopping mall worshipping pro-consumerism, and half/quarter speed songs from that era to create a unique aestheticAESTHEIC (full width Latin characters are a must to properly convey the astheticism) - all presented with a healthy dose of irony.

It started out (and still kind of is) as more of a satire rather than something meant to be taken seriously. It’s hard to like it while not being “in on the joke”. That said, some really cool music has come out from it as a result.

I can listen to this over and over again - this is peak vaporwave:

Anyway, with the weird audio effects from Q Sound combined with the bad belt on the motor causing cassettes to play extra slowly, it’s like a vaporwave machine in a box.

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I thought it was some sort of art project that would flambé any cassette after a single play as if it was a Mission Impossible mission briefing.

I also saw vaporware at first, instead of vaporwave.

Just another sign of aging, I guess.

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Complete and utter trash.

Where can I buy one?

I read the headline several times and was going to complain that it was an odd choice for the video since it made me click on it.

Now I see it was “vaporwave” all along.

OR an insidious new test of programming that changed all instances of “vaporware” to “vaporwave” after I clicked on it.

I’m about 50/50 on which.