Cool died with Joan Didion

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Perhaps her gradual alienation from Conservatism had as much to do with its total vulgarity and vacuity as much as her instinctive distrust of “enthusiasm” and “utopianism.”

Beyond her excellent writing, when I think of Didion I think of her unsparing* honesty and skepticism. That’s completely incompatible with what passes for conservatism these days.

In contrast, when I think of Cardinal Douthat all that comes to mind is intellectual dishonesty (and his fear of lady parts). He may feign being above the “enthusiasms” of the modern American right but he’s right there with them if it means denying women control over their own bodies and mixing church and state. I’m sure Didion would have had some choice words about him.

[* herself included]


I’m half on board with that.


“Ballad of a Thin Man”

That people like Douthat are still writing in major newspapers is a pretty clear refutation of cancel culture in itself, in case the existence of things like Robert James Ritchie concerts weren’t enough of a tip off.


Other people dunking on Ross Douthat is some of the best writing of our age

Douthat’s piece is written like it’s by that one student in your ethics class who always tried to make Marxism about his parents’ divorce

‘Redistributing Sex’ Is a Toxic Conversation About Toxic People

Christ, this is what it must feel like to both give, and receive, cancer.

Ross Douthat & The Incels: A Critical, Intellectual, Not-At-All-Offensive Examination of Whether Women Owe Dudes Sex - Paste



The usual Douthat Disclaimer — Douthat is a convert to Holy Mother Church. Take it from a cradle Catholic, converts can be the absolute worst. They are dogmatic drones who believe that the Church was founded expressly to take the knots out of their own personal ropes. This all started with St. Paul, the original sanctified convert pain in the balls, and has only gotten worse through the millennia.

Father Douthat Explains It All - Esquire - Charles P Pierce


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