Cool photo of Neil deGrasse Tyson as a college student in the eighties


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The man had guns.


Wrestling and Crew.


Daaaamn, what a hunk! Horshack ain’t too bad in that 70’s NYC Warriors sort of way, either.

I never liked the shaded sunglasses look much, but they were great for hiding that you were stoned out of your gourd.


Awesome fro.


I’ll be in my bunk…


Wow, I’d just kinda assumed he was a total nerd in school. Nice to see he was a badass back in the day.



oh yeah. last day of school, too.

from right: Tyson, Cynthia Dunn, Fred O’Bannion.


I’m really hoping his college nickname was “Mr. Universe.”




The universe keeps getting older, I stay the same age?


Always found it interesting his extracurricular activities in college. Rowing, wrestling, and various kinds of dance (including ballet).

It’s not too often you find someone who is interested in artistic pursuits, scientific pursuits, and brute physicality. I guess now he is a bit of an oenophile.


Which Richard Linklater film was this frame grab from?


Vote for Pedro.


Their hip…they’re bad…they’re astrophysicists.


I’d just like to point out as someone who was in university in the 1980s that we had color photography then. I wouldn’t want any these Millennials to get the wrong impression from this picture.


Sure we had color photography, but the world was still in black and white. Don’t try to fool the youngest generation, they’re savvy in ways we never were.


yeah…but it was pretty common to shoot black and white and develop yourself.
In the late 70’s I had a ‘can’ where you could shoot a roll of BW film and use a dark bag and roll it on a thing and then wash…develop…etc. and get negative.
If you had a enlarger (pricey) you could do that…or do a proof sheet with the negatives and pick which ones you wanted in prints.

Yeah…BW film photography was popular in the 70’s, 80’s. The chemicals and development was cheaper and the cameras were more ‘artitist’ like with BW.


It would be much cooler if it was a SX70 picture.

Which BTW a company is making film for intergral polaroid camera. like the the SX70, Spectra, and 600 sun.

and Fuji makes peel apart film for those folding type cameras like the 100 through 450. Pack film type cameras.

The Impossible project is really a labor of love and something boingboing should explore…it’s about a group of people loving a technology so much they invest in it to keep it from being gone…and keep it alive.

Think about that idea with books or other stuff.

It’s on netflixs. A good watch to see how old tech can be rescued.


Especially for student photography both HS and college, the developing chemicals were almost universally provided for B/W but it was BYO to the darkroom for color. Then digital ruined those awesome chemical scented darkroom smooching opportunities for future generations. I guess they have bed tents and sexting now, definitely not the same though.