Coolness is "subjective and dynamic", study finds


That’s hot.


[A]lthough coolness is a positive trait, coolness requires more than the mere perception that something is positive or desirable…

In fact coolness may make something desirable. I never thought about buying Old Spice until they came out with this supremely cool commercial:


I must be an outlier… Mom says that my coolness is inherent and eternal.


Interesting that my mom was telling me that this term, back in the 50s, was only uttered by the “bad boys,” and she still would be a little shocked every time some kid in her class called something “cool!”

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what’s cool are modern houses. Always used in ads to make products look cool, always used in film to make characters look cool. But in real life society does not want you to have that cool house, they are afraid of your cool, and they try to punish you for aspiring to that cool house with everything in their power - inflated prices, low appraisels, negative real estate agents. But its to no avail, because they can’t take the shine off the modern house and they know it.

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Coolness is “subjective and dynamic”, study conducted by hopelessly uncool people finds.


I think that study was SO GOOD!

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We stored away the best meal from each night and at the end of the week found the quality they all had was being cold and stale. Therefore great meals must be cold and stale. It is science.

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