Cop accused of having sex with woman while on duty keeps job, gets probation


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Off to jail a##hole.



I’m surprised he didn’t get a promotion.

And a high five from the PC.


I’ll go out on a limb here and say the sex wasn’t the problem.


He could have at least written it off as a business expense, like “research” for example, or “stress relief.”


Right. With how often people WFH, getting down on the clock has got to be on the rise.


The promotion is probably on hold until the publicity wears down.


What really drove it home though was the $150 (!) fine. Damn, that really hurts.


I don’t think he’s a private contractor offering policing services.


Another fabulous BB headline completely misrepresenting the article.


30 days community service? Not to put too fine a point on it, but I’m thinking that’s prime pick up territory for this one.


In this case the article was far worse than the headline. Usually it’s opposite


I’m getting the feeling that the old TV/movie trope of the cruel and vindictive internal affairs cops is a complete load of crap.


Seems to me the most plausible explanation is that people who abuse their power ie cops just hate ever being held accountable for their crimes.


I noticed that, too. Almost unclickbait.


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