Cop who asked woman to wear lingerie when he responded to a hotel fire alarm gets his job back


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Sarni has been suspended since the fall of 2013, and at 41 years old, was at risk of losing some of his skills as a police officer. After three years of suspension, he would have had to go back to the police academy

Right, because blackmailing a citizen into wearing lingerie and making unwanted sexual advances towards her isn’t itself cause for remediation, let alone termination.


Sounds like he’s getting off on a technicality. Exactly the sort of person you want as a cop!



The skills he’s demonstrated are not ones I’d want in any police officer.


That, and power. The records department will be a good fit for someone like him.


Wow! Just WOW!


Despite seeing stories like this here on BB on a regular basis this one still boggles the mind.


As much as I support unions it feels icky that taxpayer money paying these jokers salaries goes to union dues which support anti-citizen actions like this.


If this bastard hasn’t raped already (it’s highly likely that he has), he’s certainly on his way to doing so in future.


If they are forced by the court to let him back on the job, I hope they assign another officer to monitor him 24/7 with explicit instructions to arrest the bastard the second he steps out of line. From the sound of it, the local authorities would be more than happy to see him gone.


Unbelievable. The stupidity is unreal.


That’s the part that baffled me: Yeah, sure, he would be harmed if he were kept out of work. I totally agree. I just don’t see why that is a bad thing.

Is there some sort of rule that ‘punishments are not allowed to harm the person punished’ now?


Perhaps I’m an optimist; but I’d be unsurprised if he suddenly finds that every last technically-an-infraction-but-those-rules-are-just-too-petty incident starts ending up in his file from now on.

A great many workplaces(and institutions in general) technically have more rules than anyone sees the value in enforcing, so long as you are perceived as basically a good actor(productive employee spends five minutes taking a personal call? Who cares?); but if you want to enforce them, they are often there.


I’m reminded of the comment of someone who suffered under the British boarding school system in the 1960s; “If they ban paedophilia, how on earth will private boarding schools recruit teachers?”




Tip of the iceberg in that police force.

Google “Edison NJ police” and you’ll get all sorts of hits.

This one stands out


Police officers need to be model citizens, not armed reprobates.


Incredible value for money there!

Nearly $200K Canadian


Yeah, I’ve always assumed a very big part of why police literally get away with murder is that he-shot/he-died stories are necessarily one-sided. With a living woman to tell what happened to her this is just insane.

Either they insist that it’s a lie and he just plain didn’t do what he was accused of, or he ought to be in prison, not just out of a job. That’s sexual assault and arguably false imprisonment.