Ontario cop convicted of drug trafficking and raping an unconscious woman still has his $120k-a-year job and has been on paid leave for 8 years

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Asshole of the North American Continent


As one of the eight million people paying his salary right now, here’s what’s going through my head:

The old drug trafficking conviction was enough to fire this dirty cop years ago, which is normally the immediate outcome on a conviction. The later rape conviction was definitely enough.

Cops do get fired from the OPP after criminal convictions. This guys knows something he isn’t supposed to know about someone who is in a position to keep him on leave.


So many bad cops none of us are surprised.


Not fired? And not in prison. So he has lots of time and money to fund further criminal activities.


With lots of contacts in law enforcement.

Burn the whole fucking orchard down to be sure.


Guessing this asshole was a dues paying member.


Welcome to Ontario. We’re the only province in all of Canada where dirty, criminal cops can be suspended for suspected criminal activity, spend years getting paid their full salary while stretching out their trials to the absolute hilt, and maybe lose their jobs after conviction. And lest you think that such cases might be rare, we had a guy who spent 13 years on paid suspension not too long ago.

Also, our illustrious premier Doug “brother to that Rob Ford” Ford has plenty of corrupt cop friends in high places from his hash slinging days, so don’t expect that to change any time soon.


That thin blue line is apparently very thin, and exists between “I’m a sociopath on the loose” and “I’m a sociopath on the force.”


down with OPP


Ya, you know me.


Eight years??? How does it take 8 years to convict someone who filmed the crime, and somehow they still keep their job as a cop?? WTAF?


And if he can stretch the legal process and his paid leave like a rubber band until he reaches retirement eligibility, he can retire on that date with a full pension.
And that is what 13 Year Guy was aiming for…


That’s fucked.


Is there a country where “ACAB” doesn’t apply? Because there are different philosophies and approaches to policing, some of which, in theory, could result in different outcomes. Do different countries end up moving towards a similar (US) model, where things are shitty, or does the nature of something, once you define it as “policing” tend towards being this way when you hit a certain scale, full of criminals and authoritarian power-trippers?


How is he still there, never mind being paid, hay here the video i made of me raping you, why was he not in court the next day and found guilt, seeing as he admit to it, last time i checked, “to teach you a lesson” was not defence in a rape case?

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ACAB always seems to apply (I guess because the idea of being given authority will always attract authoritarian arseholes), but the outcomes can be different. eg a UK cop shooting a kid would make the news, but in the US it’s just a tuesday.

I guess there are some people who want to be cops because they actually want to help people, but it seems like if there’s too many ‘bad apples’ then they ended up corrupted, or at least ineffectual.


My thought as well. Canadian police forces are generally pretty good about this stuff. Just recently a couple of RCMP officers were convicted of murder for a bad shooting and that’s not unusual. Cops are held to a good standard of accountability here for the most part.

This case is super bizarre and I feel like there’s more going on than the OPP is telling us.

I honestly think it doesn’t apply much in Canada. The system isn’t perfect by any means and there are some problem areas with how police treat indigenous folks and such. But overall the police are held accountable. Bad behaviour does not generally go unpunished.

One of the advantages of being neighbours to the US is we see what happens if certain things aren’t kept in check. There are regular conversations along the lines of “well, we don’t want to end up like the US in this area” and police accountability is one of those areas. Though as @SoylentPlaid points out, OPP is probably the worst of the lot. Poor accountability is one of the main reasons I’m opposed to provincial police in general. Alberta is trying to convert to only provincial police (one of Danielle Smith’s fascist cowboy fantasies) and that would be a disaster for this reason.