"Complete Idiot" resigns from Toronto Police Service


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I call shenanigans – sounds like something out of Super Troopers.


Capt. John O’Hagan: I swear to God I’m going to pistol whip the next guy who says, ’ Shenanigans .’

Mac: Hey Farva what’s the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks


Let me guess: they “resign” and they get to keep their full pension and will immediately be hired by the next town over?


Waaaait a minute. They executed a search warrant on Community Cannabis Clinic and were shocked to find cannabis? And then ate the evidence? This is like Harold and Kumar join the police force!


I’d rather these goofballs got a brief suspension and it was the higher-ups who decided to detain innocent civilians en-masse at the G20 resigned. Our society needs those in a higher position to have more accountability, not less.


This depends hugely on whether they have been on the force for decades and made a lot of friends who then got promoted a few times. If not, then…no. The “Blue Wall” sometimes closes around you, but if you’ve embarrassed the force and don’t have a pile of friends on-high, then it closes behind you on the way out.

…I should add I know nothing about police forces in particular, and really nothing about Toronto. I just know bureaucracies.


Sigh. Not Toronto’s finest hour. For their finest hour, google “constable ken lam”. Ken washed away a lot of the stain left by James Forcillo, which of course was an infinitely more awful case than this bit of comedy.


I could totally see where someone who’s avoided it for professional reasons doesn’t know the proper dosing. I’ve had friends who are open minded but due to clearance issues won’t even be in the room with it. it limits who you hang out with, the parties you go to.

He did a shitty thing but honestly on the grand scale it’s relatively minor. I’d actually support him being suspended rather than fired, assuming he learns from his mistake.

At the higher level, I don’t want to discourage people from calling for help when they think they’re ODing - even if they’re cops who embezzled drugs. Luckily it was just weed, but as someone who’s had a negative experience I could see them being worried that they’re having a heart attack or that the weed exacerbated a heart condition.


This is one of those choices that seem so trivial on the front end, then blots out the sun afterward. I feel bad for these chumps. Glad they’re not police anymore, but I hope the pain flowing from this poor decision ends soon for them.


I cannot agree. Why? Because this nitwit stole the edible(s) he ate, that simple. I am completely over excusing cops who violate the law with impunity. If he’d simply bought one and ate it while on duty, then freaked out, that’d still be extremely stupid — only an idiot takes a drug they do not understand in any way, period, especially on-duty during a dangerous job (unless dire emergency requires it) — but it would be forgivable in my eyes, assuming they were otherwise a good member of the force.


I’m in agreement with you here. For one thing, even worse than stealing the edible, in my opinion, was stealing the evidence.


“Dominelli and another officer later ate one chocolate bar and became intoxicated in about 20 minutes…”

What’s going on here? It usually takes half an hour or more for edibles to take effect. I wonder what else Officer McStoney was on at the time?


Destroying evidence and stealing from citizens, and you think it’s okay? You are part of the problem.


I guess my heuristic is would I support some kind of diversion if they weren’t a cop. Like if someone was just a clerk at target, had a substance issue, got treatment? I would support a second chance.

But I respect your point.


Yeah, it really is no big deal. Like if you stop a bank robber, go ahead and pocket a wad of bills. I mean they got MOST of their money back. They probably won’t even miss it. It’s kinda like a tip.


Ok, I see your point. There’s no need to be sarcastic or rude.


If you see me not acting sarcastic, it means something is very wrong and you should call the police. It might be a simple kidnapping, but possibly something more like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


When it comes to getting on the force, I have a feeling that being publicly tagged as a “complete idiot” by a judge would not be a deal-killer.


Cool and sorry I was a bit sensitive. It’s been a stressful week.