"Complete Idiot" resigns from Toronto Police Service


I guess my thing is that doctors often get busted stealing pills and after a lengthy suspension / rertraining and come back.

Though the more I think, I think it’s valid for him to be fired, but I am not sure blacklisting forever… I guess maybe I’m just soft.

I made a mistake once when young and got a plea deal. It was expunged and I turned my life around. I think for non violent things everyone should get 1 second chance.


Officer Bubbles can relax a bit now. The bar has been lowered.



With doctors they’ve gone through a lengthy, heavily taxpayer subsidized training program and they best bet to get them back to “paying it forward”, so to speak, is returning them to said job.
Unfortunately the recidivism rate is discouraging (although some have made the argument that the returned addict is safer since they’re actually being regularly tested, unlike their colleagues).
In my old job, lip service was paid toward preventing the addicted physician in the form of yearly viewings of “wearing masks”; which was followed usually by going out to drink. Unfortunately the untreated depression, stigma about any form of mental health treatment, and abusive working and learning environments that provide the breeding ground for addictive behavior remain.
And I’ve gone entirely off topic.


Ummm, shouldn’t he be arrested or something? I thought tampering with evidence was a big no no.

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