Underwear-clad man outside of courthouse with sign: "Return my bong"


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“If the police take your bong, let it go, because man, it’s gone.”


As said to my parents once a very, very long time ago. Give the dude his bong back he’ll be better off. He might even put his clothes back on.


What a buzz-kill.


Mr. Shaver has a fairly hairy face, but perhaps his less hairy chest is name-appropriate…


I’m sure it went to a good police-person’s home.


What an amazing person to represent my city.


I’m confused. So do they have his A-bong or his emergency backup bong?


“And that, kids, is why the beloved ‘Bong Man’ statue was built in Kitchener square. Remember, no grievance is too small, no indignity too great when a righteous high is on the line.”

But seriously, give him his bong back.


Hmmm, panic attack. Marijuana. Panic Attack. Marijuana. Rage. Panic Attack. Marijuana. I don’t see a pattern.


Imagine, if you will, what he would be like without it (marijuana).


I often feel that there are at least a few members of the OPP (the cops here in ontario) that really, really want to be like their slightly deranged cousins down south, if only that accountability culture would just go away.


I do. Man’s not getting enough CBD with his THC. Needs to swap in some high-CBD strain every fourth bowl or so.



What’s that?


Teach a man how to buy a bong and he smokes for a lifetime.


We don’t have to imagine. We have photographic evidence!


Man, can we get that kid whose seizures cleared up with extract or someone similar in here.

Dude, you’re not doing anything for the cause (even if you’re technically right), by being a speedo clad smoking on the court steps poster child for why people shouldn’t vote to legalize…


Read that as “Return my Boing” first.


Perhaps he needs the marijuana for panic attacks? It’s a common enough reason for a medical THC prescription, after all.


I went to school in Kitchener-Waterloo. One of my friends got into a car chase on the UoW campus. Having watched too much Dukes of Hazard, he assumed that the campus cop chasing him would have to break off the pursuit at the “state line” - which in his mind was the campus entrance onto University Blvd. To his (and only his) surprise the cop kept up the chase and pulled him over. Turns out the campus police were mostly moonlighting city police.