Cop blocks speeding driver headed toward runners

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Damn, head on crashes are scary.

The video said 8:47am… that is really early to be drunk.


Maybe she hadn’t gone to bed yet. But either way, yeeeesh.


What are the weird silver things sticking out on the hat of the cop being interviewed?
Looks like something miniature lifted from the Millennium Falcon…


8:45 on a Sunday morning.

Too much communion wine perhaps?

suggestion speaking GIF by South Park


I had next door neighbours who caused a house fire (drunk, smoking, fell asleep on a mattress, no injuries), and they were poured into a cab at about 2:00 a.m. after the fire was out, and the insurance people told me they were still drunk at about 9:00 a.m. when they met with them. And ordered a delivery of booze when they arrived.


Wait, I kwow this one.

Campaign cords with acorns.

No idea why they’re called acorns though.


I’ve no idea what ‘campaign cords’ are, either. Trousers that British ex-army retired generals wear? (You’d probably have to be a Brit to get that.) :wink:

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The silver ones laying on the brim? Those are adornments at the end of campaign cords on the hat, which is called a campaign hat.

Originally they were to show the rank, unit, or some other special significance in the military. But since then, the hat is worn by non-military like scouts and park rangers and police as well.

I would assume the color of the cord denotes some sort of rank with a state trooper.

ETA - ack - beat while typing.


They are silver tassels, used to terminate each end of the silver cord around the hatband.


Speaking as a former hard core drunk (36 years sober) that got out of bed drinking and went to bed with a drink…

9 am would have been a late start.

We drive extra vigilant when going to work at 4 - 6 am. That’s prime drunk driver coming home from the bar time especially weekend mornings.


SCAH. (Some cops are heroes.)


I noticed that. No idea, but interested?

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It’s heartening to see a story of hero cop here. I hope she heals well and has no long term health impacts.

It’s amazing to see the damage to those vehicles and contemplate the fact that apparently both drivers walked away - modern safety systems truly are incredible.

The drunk should be held pending trial, with treatment, to get her sober. If she’s released on recognizance she’s just going to spiral further down.


Pretty fucking brave. Also, Florida.


The only thing that stops a bad guydriver with a guncar is a good guyhero with a gunbigger car.”

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And she when the judge asked her if she’d have trouble making it to her court date, she laughed sardonically about not having a car. To a judge. Some people are dangerously stupid.

Also, obligs…


Nice to for once see a report of a cop not only doing their job properly, but doing so without time to think. One has to wonder how many US cops would have thought the best idea would be to pull out a gun and start firing at the oncoming car. Good on this one for acting bravely.

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