Cop enjoys selfie with pro-Trump mob in Capitol

watching BLM protest on local tv:
• almost all protesters in masks
• on a public street
• police and national guard there all day
• promptly at curfew, tear gas canisters fired into crowd
• crowd quickly disperses
• cops still pulled a guy out of his car and beat him up.

watching the great redneck meltdown:
• mostly unmasked protesters
• rioters break into a building
• it’s federal property
• cops just let them in
• at least one cop takes a selfie with rioters inside the capitol
• an hour later, cops gently push rioters out.
• newscasters say that the national guard is just now being called in
• cops repeatedly announce a 6 o’clock curfew via bullhorn
• 6 o’clock passes
• absolutely no action is taken
• an hour later, the cops and national guard start gently pushing the crowds off the mall

I mean, I always knew cops suck, and that they selectively enforced the law, but that they don’t even try to hide it is just a slap in the face. but why would they? they’re never held accountable for anything.


Watching from the UK - I can only assume the feeble security was deliberate? Parliament’s gates look like this on normal days :

And like this (at the secondary barriers) when protests are happening. Nothing I’ve heard makes me think DC cops are underfunded, understaffed, or timid - so wanton neglect is the only conclusion?


Absolutely it was.


I mean, yeah, that’s sort of the whole point of this topic and thread…


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