Cop knocks out teen for smoking cigarette




With every instance like this, I ask myself:
“What real-time video uploader for android?”
Now, I’ll take the next step and install one and be prepared;
recommendations, please?


If the cops who murdered Amadou Diallo for taking out his wallet got away with it I see little hope for this officer to be punished.


Good job, NYPD, I’m sure all of New York feel safer now.


Smoking While Black?


for the record he knocked him down for the cigarette. He knocked him out for explaining to him that he was wrong.


My first thought was 'this is getting worse every day.". then I sadly realized that no, this has always been happening. I am just seeing it now that everyone has video cameras.


Smoking is bad for you.

So are concussions.

You choose to smoke.

A cop chooses to give you a concussion.


It’s going to take some time, but I’m hoping that NYC’s new mayor De Blasio can really change the culture of the police force.* It’s really in a shambles after the whole stop-and-frisk/broken windows campaigns* over the last few years. What NYC really needs is a Civilian Complaint Review Board that actually has some power to punish officers, instead of just being a underfunded and feckless.

** isn’t it interesting that even the language we use to talk about the police evokes violence and war? How come we don’t have a police embrace or a police accord instead of a police force? A police initiative or enthusiasm instead of a campaign?


“… and then he knocked me out. The next day I vowed to never smoke again. And look at me, grandkids, your grand-daddy is 72 today! All thanks to Officer Johnson setting me straight. God bless NYPD and God bless America!”


Being While Black, I think it is now.


This is clearly a continuation of the policies set forth under the Bloomberg administration, which we all know was virulently anti-smoking.


Yes. Append “police brutality” to this xkcd comic:


“Do you wanna get fucked up?”

If the situation weren’t so serious–that is, if the kid hadn’t been subjected to severe and unnecessary brutality–I like to think he would have responded to that question with, “If I did I would have gone with something stronger than nicotine.”

And in such an ideal world the cop would laugh and say, “Yeah, sorry, I was really being an asshole.”

What made me think that was a great old MAD Magazine comic that showed a cop putting a kid in prison and saying, “A night in the slammer will teach you a lesson.” And the kid replies, “Yeah, if I want to learn to be a junkie or hooker.”


Oh, they show enthusiasm, all right. And that’s a big part of the problem.


Thank god the kid wasn’t also carrying a Big Gulp. He’d be dead.


So did someone call an ambulance? Getting knocked out ain’t like in the movies where people recover within seconds. This can have lasting consequences.


Just another one bad apple people, move along.


Make the badge a camera. No working camera = no badge = no cop. If we can afford helicopters, armored vehicles, automatic weapons, banned chemical weapons, and the like, we can afford cameras.


The one that I have used is Bambuser
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