Cop knocks out teen for smoking cigarette

So did someone call an ambulance? Getting knocked out ain’t like in the movies where people recover within seconds. This can have lasting consequences.


Just another one bad apple people, move along.


Make the badge a camera. No working camera = no badge = no cop. If we can afford helicopters, armored vehicles, automatic weapons, banned chemical weapons, and the like, we can afford cameras.


The one that I have used is Bambuser
Supports most platforms (I used it under Nokia’s Symbian OS).

Based in Stockholm, Sweden and Turku, Finland, we've been democratizing live video since 2008.

Agreed, but with the addendum that whereas the comic describes mythological creatures whose existence has been refuted, police brutality would fall under the category of denied events that have been proved.

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But don’t let it be a black and a white one

'cause they slam ya down to the street top

Black police showin out for the white cop


SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Police may be hazardous to your health, especially if you have a history of non-white-ness.


Another specific example, in the near-endless stream of incidents, that result in me not caring at all when I hear about a cop getting killed shot dead in the fucking face while in a pre-dawn raid looking for an 1/8 of weed.

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Thank You For Not Smoking


It’s driving my nuts. Cops kill two or three civilians each day, and taze or gas or beat how many more? It’s disgraceful. And there is always someone ready to blame the victims, defend the cops, and/or threaten to shoot protesters.

Also, just today, I learned about a case of a Florida inmate beaten to death after complaining about an abusive guard, a teenager pepper sprayed after being mistaken for a burglar in his own home, and a passenger tazed in a traffic stop, where there was someone ready to say the victim should have thanked the police for not shooting him.

Also, if some people think it’s appropriate for the police to beat, gas, electrocute, or shoot people for not obeying orders, or for talking back, or for acting suspiciously, then, there are deaf people who can’t hear those orders and many more people, including myself, who can’t usually make sense of nonsense and orders, so they imply it’s appropriate for the police to beat, gas, electrocute, or shoot us…

I read those statements and I think, if they don’t want me dead, these people would still gladly see me dead as part of their campaign for a more authoritarian America.


2.566666666666667/day killed in September…


Let’s go with the police service, a la Hot Fuzz.

Ok, but I feel like we’re seeing “another one bad apple” every week now. :\

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Everybody knows that one needs to crack a few eggs when preparing an omelette du justice.


Unfortunately this conversation happened with a flowerpot in the observation area of the neuro floor when young Mr . Hamer was admitted post-concussion…


You might just have one of those there waste-disposaly barrels

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Yeah, but if they are just a few bad apples, then its not as if there are institutional issues that need taken care of. It’s just one rogue cop. Every time. Each week. Across the country.


Every week? Every couple hours.

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Well, maybe it’s time to update that to “one bad bushel”.


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