Cop sues a hashtag, and loses


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Well…proof positive that at least one cop clearly does not KNOW the law, and is too dumb to ever learn.


A ray of sunshine in an otherwise dismal week.


It’s so simple if we just sue ideas like war and famine maybe it will help stop them. /s


Officer Bubbles was more fun.


Surprisingly (to me), I actually agree with Sessions on one point. “Free Speech Zones” on campus are ridiculous. The entire campus should be a free speech zone. It’s a goddamn university, and if that’s not the institution that should thrive on free speech, then we’re screwed.

(BTW, we’re screwed.)


Trump’s whole business MO is lawsuits - to make money, to silence critics, to avoid paying contractors - so that does sound like that would be his special rebranding of the “War On X” meme. It would also serve his ego if every effort were just called Trump v. Drugs, Trump v. Poverty, (and of course Trump v. Taxes, Trump v. The Environment, Trump v. North Korea?) He could even do WWF-style hype rallies where he wrestles an anthropomorphized avatar of said “social ill.”


If you’re going to sue a punctuation mark then go for the dollar sign.


I was thinking of suing an Umlaut just this morning.


I run into cops that lack even a rudimentary understanding of the law about once a week.


An umlaut is just a colon that can’t get it’s lazy butt out of bed.



Obviously, direct action is the only solution for intangible enemies. The war on terror has been going strong for nearly two decades. The war on drugs has an arguably tangible opponent, and we’ve been fighting that one since I’ve been alive.


“a hashtag is patently incapable of being sued.”

I mean, I’d have thought that a pile of money was incapable of being a defendant, but here we are in 2017.


Well at least he wasn’t trying to shoot the hashtag.

That’s some progress.



Dang ran out of bullets.


What an idiot; you can’t ‘sue’ an idea or a symbol.


The social ill v. Trump match hinges on which side I.R.S. takes.


Great Example. It’s a good thing drug usage isn’t a problem in this country anymore.


Try not trampling people and their right to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom to redress for grievance without the fear of reprisal from armed government thugs. That will go a long way towards keeping these snowflake police safe.