Cop suspended after threatening to "knock out" bystander during arrest


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'Merika: Punch a woman in the face repeatedly when she fails to obey your command. Seize her medical records after a mental health assessment. No one is named, the incident is being investigated, nothing to see here, move along.

UK: Verbally threaten to punch a woman and knock her out: Suspended pending investigation.

Not often I feel proud to be British these days, even if it is for such a dire reason.


And actually gave his badge number - rather than arresting the person with the camera and “losing” the phone or deleting the footage.

Rule Britannia!


Police mannie realised he’d fucked up as soon as camera guy asks “What did you just say, ‘mate’?” but is such a power slinging copper he can’t even listen to the sense of his own brain.

You can almost see the gears grinding as he battles with himself.

He comes across as one of those semi-trained part-time police personnel that local forces sometimes avail themselves of.

Clearly he was attempting to enforce Staffordshire’s portrait-mode ordinance.


You wot m8?

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