Cop tries and fails to cover home security camera as resident mercilessly insults her

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… always install two cameras

one that’s obvious and one that actually works


Oh man, don’t make me pick a side in this clusterf**k.


Holy shit, the resident invoked Ruby Ridge!

Season 8 Queen GIF by Paramount+


Yeah, I suspect the resident is um… on the far right of the spectrum politically, but I still absolutely enjoyed her verbal beat down of these lying cops. It’s nice to find a tiny bit of common ground in these trying times.


Well, the video has been taken down.


Still showing up on Youtube:


You can still see it on Reddit, too.


Or far left. Nobody likes being subjected to abuse of power, but it seems only those on either end of the political spectrum seem willing to take a stand against it.

That was the most uplifting thing I’ve seen in months. Pure
(in the original “Face With Look of Triumph” sense).

I also enjoyed the cop’s performance as a Colin Robinson style energy vampire.


I was hoping for an outrageous French accent but still great fun.

Fcuk is censored; but cnut isn’t? Weird.

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Ok, I watched the video finally. The aggressive yelling by the woman was unnecessary, but she was largely in the right here. I can’t imagine there’s any police safety protocol that requires blocking a doorbell or security camera. Maybe if you’re actually executing an arrest warrant and you don’t want to tip off the occupants, but they’re going to see you before you block that camera, so … yeah that was mostly bullshit. It was also obvious the officers didn’t have a warrant. If they had a warrant, they might have tried asking her to come out voluntarily first, but once the yelling started, they would have said “screw this” and just broken in and arrested her. Generally when they ask people to come out and talk to them, it’s because they don’t have a warrant and once you’re outside your home, now you’re subject to a Terry stop, and all they need is reasonable suspicion to search you. They don’t need probable cause. And if they find something, now they can probably get the warrant they need to search your home.


“Officer safety protocol” ~ So if and when we start wailing and beating on you/stealing your stuff/destroying your property, harming your animals, etc … …none of it is on film.

May as well be a gang of thugs in rented costumes.


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