Cops arrested after compliant black suspect choked and pistol-whipped

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A police officer was arrested for assaulting someone?



It’s hard to look at this chin-forward mugshot and believe he’s thinking anything other than "what I did was right and I feel no remorse whatsoever.



i know, weird right? but it has been happening for about a year now and police are losing their cases despite being protected by Qualified Immunity.

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Yeah. I’m sure in another year judges and DAs will be bored of charging and convicting the people they rely on to cooperate to do their jobs every day.

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Not just right… but immensely enjoyable. They love it. It’s why they joined up.

why was he allowed to resign? Shouldn’t they have terminated his employment?

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I mean, if we’re talking about things that should have happened, that cop should have been arrested and thrown in with gen pop while he waited 3-6 months for his trial. Then stood trial with a public defender, like probably more than 90% of the accused he arrested. Then when he lost because he had an overworked public defender who had about 15 minutes to work on his case, he can go to prison and live with gen pop there.

Police shouldn’t get special treatment at all, unless we’re talking about special scrutiny and special extra harsh punishment for betraying the public trust.

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