Cops brutally assault a High School band teacher for letting the band play

Cops seem to forget that they operate with the cooperation of the majority of those they are “policing”

100 band kids vs a couple cops is not going to be a fair fight if it comes to fisticuffs. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of when the kid used to hiking around in a uniform in the heat whilst hauling a tuba around finally snaps.

Not helpful. The scenario you describe would likely result in the local sheriff eagerly and finally using all the former-military gear they haven’t had a chance to use yet to roll up in an armored personnel carrier and fire into a stadium full of band kids with a mini-gun.


Nor is just always keeping your head down, and just going along with systematic abuse by an over-militarized racist police force.

C’mon…that’s just catastophizing and you know it.

Brady Bunch Jan GIF by MOODMAN

There are a lot of ways to resist in between doing nothing and precipitating mass casualties by literally mobbing a handful of cops.


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i was unaware that sleepy little Snoqualmie,WA has an MRAD. shit man, i lived in near-by Fall City and also Issaquah. used to fish rhe Snoqualmie river. that was 40 years ago, so the very idea that they would need heavy military armor is baffling.
to the topic: as you describe, the scenario that @douglas_stuart suggests of a high school band mobbing a local-yokel cop force would only lead to a Kent State type atrocity. (or worse)
that would be worse than bad.
edit for more worse than worse.


This is Birmingham PD – former home of Bull Connor. It doesn’t take much knowledge of history to know they are capable of widespread violence against Black citizens


and how they were supported in that violence by the white citizens. bull connor was elected to his position again and again for 20 years. it’s been three times that now – but 60 years isn’t really as long as people like to think.


I live near Snoqualmie and I never knew this. That place is a kind of quaint little small town you go to when you want to go antiquing. Not really the kind of place where you need a MRAD.

Snoqualmie’s Mayor Matt Larson, who said he views it as a necessary evil, wants to keep it.

“It’s not what we want to convey of what our police department is, or what it represents, but it’s a good tool to have in the toolbox,” he said.

This isn’t a drawer of obscure electronics cables or that one specialized single-purpose tool you may almost never need to use but are nice to keep around “just in case”.


Harrisonburg VA, a quiet Shenandoah valley town, has one as well


Nothing says “Protect and Serve” like having a tank at your disposal! (No, don’t get pedantic, I know it’s not really a tank, but for the purpose, it might as well be.)


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