Cops mistake students' telescope for rifle, fortunately no shots fired


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I wonder what prompted the cops’ restraint?


Skin color?


Possibly neighborhood as well… and that makes me sad.


“Better safe than sorry” only works if it actually makes you safer.


How did they see behind this guys garage in the first place?


The linked story makes it sound like they weren’t fully obscured by the garage, one of the officers “saw it out the corner of his eye” as they were patrolling. Like maybe it’s an older house that actually has a yard and you can kind of see the backyard when driving by.

Or maybe they’re flying drones and someone spotted it and they don’t want to admit to that.

The fun is in the guessing!


They should have known better than to wear sweaters. It just makes them look like criminals, which totally justifies use of force.


I do not subscribe to “better safe than sorry.” Especially not when their version of “safe” involves threatening to shoot people in their own back yard.


Oh, boy. Could you imagine a young Neil deGrasse Tyson innocently doing a homework assignment?


And there must be a lot of cat burglars in Fargo. Who would’ve guessed?




In North Dakota?


Setting up a rifle on a tripod?? Who the heck even does that in the first place?
Watching way too much of a particular FX series…
“Oh geeze, Billy Bob Thornton is back and trying to assassinate someone!!”


Yards in North Dakota are cut pretty big, I’d imagine. Not hard to think a cruiser could pretty easily see into the backyard of someone’s house from an angle while tooling down the road.


(for those who may not know, this actually happened to NdGT as a youth)


That only a small fraction of actual police encounters involves shooting or beating? Except we mostly don’t hear about them.

That said, why should be anything wrong on wearing a tactical vest?



“For all I know, I would have been shot to death on numerous occasions were it not for the majesty of the night sky.”

NDgT, eloquent as usual. :smile:

(not sarcastic)


Random thought. Would wearing a fluorescent-orange vest make one look less like a suspect and more like some random worker? Sometimes more visibility can be less visibility…


Like hunter orange? Don’t do it around here if you’re black.