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How do you work with a tiny screen like that?
Okay I am biased. I am used to dual monitors when working. But then I usually have open, email, some excel sheet, the ticket system, a remote desktop session or two, and the BoingBoingBBS, etc.


I went from a 27" MacBook iMac (albeit not retina) so will have much to say on the issue of working on a small screen!


Shurely a 27" iMac?

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I was on a 53" MacBook but downgraded to a 42.3" MacBook because of a bad back.


5" is all I need. It’s the way you use it.


That’s smaller than the full fat iPad, no?

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Save early, save often.


Yes, iMac, lol


Select all the stuff, every time.

I think my left pinky nail might be too sharp for a MacBook Pro keyboard.


Meanwhile, my model M keyboard is 27 years old and all the key caps are still in pristine condition.


You clicky so and so :slight_smile:


So what’s the answer?

Coke, boogers, sexual conquest, or keyboard customization?

I have no idea. My left pinkie nail is 2mm long, like all the others. I remember a kid in high school had a long pinkie nail, and it creeped me out.

My keyboard has lost its A because of the angle that my pinkie hits that key.


I managed to break mine in a misguided attempt to clean it out (a spring got out of place, got stuck, and I botched my dexterity check when trying to extricate it). It may be the first electronic device that I’ve ever actually decided to pay someone else to repair rather than just replace it.

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I have that, thing is I didn’t always. I went through a teen phase of not cutting my fingernails, but then I left that phase. Never did coke, use my pinkie to collect boogers,… or use my pinkie for sexual conquest…much, I don’t know maybe?

But sometime in my thirties one of my pinkie nails got longer and now I can’t trim it back all the way.

Stupid fucking pinkie nail. Thought I’d get long of tooth not long of nail. Or is it both?


The screen seems great, compared to a Macbook Air. But I’m not a fan of the CPU in the Macbook. At least it comes standard with 8 GB. 4 is too little these days.

So much about quality these days. Still using a Macbook from 2006 and it looks better (though, honestly, I swapped the keyboard twice already).


Just be thankful your nails are long enough to be useful. I’ve chewed mine down to the quick ever since I was a baby. There have been many failed attempts to get me to stop including clear varnish with denatonium, which only accomplished setting up a soothing conditioned response whenever I smell or taste denatronium.

As an adult I’ve been able to stop chewing my nails once or twice. But they’re shot. If they grow out long enough that I can fit one into the blade notch on a swiss army knife now, they’re so thin and flimsy they just invert themselves when I try to pull. Or they break off, which I prefer, as it’s not painful, while my nails flipping their curve hurts like a sonofabitch.

No joke, it’s difficult for me to even get the charging door open on my phone. This is one of the reasons I always carry a single-bladed folding knife with a large ambidextrous thumb-screw catch with single-handed operation. To serve as a prosthetic fingernail for prying, scratching, chipping, and digging. And it works very well until the fucking TSA or whoever confiscate my valuable tool.


For the love of Jebus, clean that keyboard!