Cornered FCC admits that its website was never hacked

Ajit Pai is just a Scott Pruitt redux

Sounds like the perfect time for someone to hack the FCC.


“OK, you got me. We didn’t get hacked…but if we did, Obama/Her Emails.”


You guys are a bit behind the times. The fact that Ajit Pai’s FCC lied was already reported two months ago in among other places. All that’s new here is blaming the Obama appointee and that’s not even newsworthy for this regime.

He should step down, or just stop breathing would also be acceptable.

It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to the interim step where Aijit Pai would have claimed:

“I blacked out after taking an Ambien and when I came-to, I discovered I had hacked into the FCC website and broken the commenting system. Clearly, this is all Big Pharma’s fault.”

Followed by:

“I never said anything about being hacked, and if I did it’s because I was taking prescription cough syrup at the time.”

So many missed opportunities. Blaming a former employee is very last season.


See! It’s Obama’s fault! No, Hillary’s! Benghazi!

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But her emails…

I drank some fermentation
and took my medication
I was obliterated
and so, the whole time I was wasted!

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