As climate deniers claim credit for killing Net Neutrality, the FCC's internal auditor reveals that Neutracide was based on a lie

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Good. I think Pai just suddenly realized how likely (99.999…%) his ruling is to be overturned in the very near future, and probably just was told by someone much smarter than him, possibly necessitating the use of hand puppets, that his clusterfuck parody of rulemaking will make it impossible to try again, and now he’s desperately trying to find an out.

I don’t think he has many chances of finding a loophole to keep his shitty little rule in place, because the Obama admin was almost painfully scrupulous about following procedure for this stuff (because they knew the industry would challenge even the tiniest error in court).

Hopefully this means his dumb ass won’t get rewarded with a cushy job after, and he’ll end up where he belongs - out in the gutter with the other garbage - after his FCC stint.


If I read that letter from the Keynesian think tank correctly, it have less to do with climate change denial and more to do with destroying consumer/laborers protections in favor of get rich quick schemes.

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So, do we think we could get all these viles to accept/keep all their money in bitcoin and then crash the thing so they are left with nothing at all? Imagine there’s no BitCoin…

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