Coronavirus: American soldier in South Korea tests positive, first confirmed U.S. military patient

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A lot of people are saying it’s just the common cold!
Stop trying to make Trump look bad!



Waiting for his inevitable: “I know more about coronavirus than anyone, believe me…”


USFK Public Affairs reports:

The patient, a 23-year old male, is currently in self quarantine at his off-base residence. He visited Camp Walker on 24 Feb. and Camp Carroll 21-25 Feb. KCDC and USFK health professionals are actively conducting contact tracing to determine whether any others may have been exposed.

Self quarantine the poor brave bastard. Whatever else you have to say about US servicemen overseas they are a dedicated bunch. Mission First!

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He’s already explained it’ll die out by April.

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From WHO Sit Rep COVID-19 yesterday, cases outside of China. I’m having a hard time not seeing exponential growth in that curve. (It looks like they have at least a 24h lag in part of the reporting, based on how the updates have gone the last couple of days.)

Current reports indicate (and this looks like a good article if you want a technical summary) 81% of cases are “mild” (you don’t get pneumonia), 14% severe and 5% critical with a case fatality rate of 2.3%. Older people fare worse. A vaccine is in development and progressing.


The infection may be spreading in Los Angeles already:

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