Coronavirus emergency is 'Public Enemy Number 1,' says World Health Organization

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I got a robocall from the dental school this week, asking me to self-screen for fever before coming to my appointment. Decided to postpone.


In the USA we have a virus much worse, tRump Co. virus, apply your vote on November 3rd to stomp it out.


I know this is hearsay, but I have a friend in Shanghai who has a friend in Wuhan who works closely with medical professionals. He said to take any numbers of infected/dead and add a zero. People are just “disappearing” and when they are asked about the authorities say that they probably moved somewhere safer for the time being.


It did occur to me that quarantine plus one case in the house would mean about 4 weeks down time. Might be time to lay in a small stash of non-perishables.

Also: as much as I sympathize with the people on the quarantined cruise ships, the epidemiologists must be, on some level, squealing with excitement… that’s probably as close as you’ll ever get to a controlled experimental environment. :thinking: Statistically significant population size, controlled contact, fairly traceable patterns of behaviour, known ventilation systems…


And still, the flu has killed thousands in the US this season. If you haven’t, get your danged flu shot while you keep not panicking about COVID-19 just yet.


Only one?

I did - and do every year. Still got both Flu A and Flu B at the same time. I think I can spare some worry over this one.


I suspect that hardworking neglected tropical diseases I can’t even remember the names of are feeling really insulted right now.

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I suspect that hardworking neglected tropical diseases I can’t even remember the names of are feeling really insulted right now.

I nominate malaria.

Malaria causes more than 300,000,000 acute illnesses and kills at least 1,000,000 people every year. 90% of deaths due to malaria occur in Sub-Sharan Africa and most deaths occur in children under the age of five.

Nevertheless, coronavirus has the potential to be just as deadly. It’s just ramping up and the truth is we have no idea what the truth is because China can’t be trusted to tell the truth.


The common acceptance is to multiply 20 for now.
With the close friend of Xi at the control of Hebei now, you can even try to increase this number.

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It’s not even hearsay at this point. Here’s the BBC news with an interview that confirms that people are dying from this virus without even being tested.

I don’t know how they managed to get that reporting past the authorities, and hope that they haven’t made the family involved identifiable.

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LOL. Public enemy #1 is the authoritarian regime which blacked out the early information on the virus and arrested those who released it, allowing it to spread farther and faster than it ever should have. Public enemy #2 is good ol’ Tedros at the WHO, who seems to have pockets so full of CCP cash that he can’t stop slathering them in praise. It’s disgusting.

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Yeah, I got my flu shot and worry about this one. I am working from home at the moment so that should help … except for now I have the problem of my cat sitting on my lap trying to nose my fingers as I type.

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