Coronavirus in Ireland: Leo Varadkar’s St Patrick’s Day broadcast (video, full text)

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Come together by staying apart. Poetry.


I’m not a fan of Leo but I have to admit that the government here are doing a pretty good job.

Coronavirus occurred at an unusual time in Irish politics. The two major centre-right parties had been propping each other up for the last number of years doing unpopular right wing stuff, and they both got punished in a general election in early February.

The normally fairly niche left wing republican party had a huge surge in votes, resulting in a three way tie with the two centre right parties. It was pretty clear that the electorate wanted a move towards a more socialist government. And it was also pretty clear that if the left wing party had run more candidates, they would have won a clear majority.

So none of the parties could cobble together a majority to form a government but the two centre right parties were terrified of having another election.

So then Coronavirus happened and they all suddenly everyone started acting like grownups. It’s pretty weird! So technically Leo is still the leader of the government but he’s in a very precarious position and consequently he’s showing a more humane, dare I say, socialist side!


He’d love an election fairly shortly… He only seems presidential compared to the shits in England and the US. And to be fair, compared to them he doesn’t just seem it, he is.
Edit- if i sound harsh it’s that I believe the Churchill reference was trolling. They have previous with posh boy trolls on Al de Pfeiffel
Who knows? Could be the making of him. Realising that empathy is essential for public policy.

Fun fact: as far as we know the state has no powers to compel businesses to close but instead can only ask them and hope social shaming does the rest. That and payment packages.

Next up universal basic income. I’m not politicising a crisis, I’m describing a response that I think is necessary.

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Yeah, you just might be right. That really stood out as a bit of a clanger in what was otherwise a pretty nice speech.

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Then there’s this…







Fucking hell. This guy just seems like an average politician doing his job. I compare it to the US megalomaniac-in-chief and I wince. US is fucked. The only stewardship occurring in the US is at the state and municipal level, and thank God they aren’t doing a terrible job.


Before he went into politics full-time he worked as a doctor.


Have to agree, not a Fan of him or either mainstream Irish political party, but they are handling this as best the can. I had genuine fear for my mother’s sake about this, with the solidarity people are having around this back home, my mind is a little bit at ease. Also, Ireland’s example has pushed a lot of other smaller European countries to take advanced action, I live in Finland, today is the first day of quarantine. Can’t believe what is happening the UK on the other hand.

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