Coronavirus whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright to testify before House health committee on May 14

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Whistleblower says Trump White House ignored coronavirus warnings


These are impeachable allegations. So it ought to be part of an impeachment investigation. Will the infinite irony not be realized that so many ongoing pandemic horrors will be used to not seek justice for trump’s unethical behavior which has so exacerbated this very situation?


Why are you trying to politicize this crisis!?!


I believe that the only “justice” we will ever see is that history may not look kindly on this presidency. I imaging that over the decades, various admin officials will write tell-alls, FOIA will bring documents to public knowledge and other records will become naturally unsealed. The radical right will really have nothing to defend him with once the bubble of derangement abates. Other than that, I don’t see anything happening.

Well, hopefully SDNY, DC and the various states who have been running investigations have actually bagged some sealed indictments that we won’t see until the day he leaves office as a citizen. Maybe, just maybe then we will see some justice of the kind you mention.


I wish all the best to Dr. Bright, who’s about to be swarmed by all the flying monkeys who serve the wingnut welfare machine. This man is a hero.

For Il Douche. For his empty-eyed and corrupt son-in-law and members of the regime who tried to exploit the crisis and steer contracts to their cronies, it’s plain old prosecutable.


One of the most terrifying aspects of this whole pandemic has been how medical professionals as a group have somehow become the enemy in the eyes of the MAGA crowd. And that’s the medical professionals who AREN’T actively spilling dirt on the Administration.


I’m sure there are still people out there who think Nixon did nothing wrong.


I recently watched the dark comedy The Death of Stalin, in which Stalin suffers a stroke and the core group of central committee members are arguing about whether to call for a doctor. The issue was that all the good doctors had been arrested recently after being accused of treasonous plots, and nobody wanted to be held responsible for calling in sub-par doctors. Khrushchev reasoned that they should call in who they could, because if Stalin didn’t recover he’d never know, and if he did recover the doctors must not be that bad after all. So they rounded up whatever doctors they could find on the street (including a few retirees) threw lab coats on them, and hoped for the best. (Stalin didn’t recover, which was the best outcome for many of the power-hungry committee members)

Funny enough in the film, but unfortunately based on real events.


Ah, but surely now Trump has learned his lesson.


Why so long?


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Whats the sentence for murdering 70,000 people? Asking for a friend.


This was a topic of conversation this morning in my office. We have come to grips (more or less) with the fact that by late summer at best we (medical professionals) will have gone from heroes to villains and catch 7 different kinds of hell because things are not fixed. For myself, I am alright with that. I have been the “Big Red Dude” himself at times due to my big mouth in vaccine debates, but I feel for my nurses and staff, who are absolutely not prepared for the venom these asshats can bring when they get their panties ■■■■■. (Couldn’t find a way to work “luggage” into that sentence…) Stay tuned. Things have not even begun to get ugly yet.


Unfortunately, this ranks pretty low on the scale of shit that Trump has already been allowed to get away with

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