Cosplayer in a realistic Ron Jeremy mask


That’s… kind of disturbing. Good work, realistic for sure, but man. I’m kind of creeped out now.


So wrong. The stuff of nightmares…


So much for conservation of mass.

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You forgot to mention entropy.

Hyperflesh, indeed.

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Trey Parker smashes in Ron Jeremy’s head in “Orgasmo.”

In the name of all things holy, please tell me this not an actual fetish!

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Creepy? I want to know if she has any other Ron Jeremy prosthetics. …

So you now can make porn with actors wearing Ron Jeremy masks and then the real Ron Jeremy walks on set.

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Maybe it’s actually Ron Jeremy wearing prosthetic breasts.


I believe that in volleyball, this comment is known as a “set”…

The setter, located in the center front, hits the ball high above the net so that a spiker can spike it across.

I can’t be the only one who thought of Aphex Twin.


I think this has crossed the uncanny valley.

So instead of being confusedly disgusted by the simulacrum of Ron Jeremy. We can be sincerely disgusted by the actuality of Ron Jeremy.

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First thing that popped in my mind, too.

Do they make Marty Beller masks? That would be awesome.

For those who don’t get the reference:

I want to know if it’s for sale. I know someone that needs this.

Ron’s manboobs are bigger than that.

Maybe it’s actually Ron Jeremy wearing prosthetic breasts.

Ron’s manboobs are bigger than that

Dang, that took forever, people. Get it together!

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No mention of Bryan Cranston’s cosplay as himself at comic con while wearing a lifemask of himself?