Pornstar may have appeared in New Jersey governor tape


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The real Christie fucks over many more:

(yes, I live in New Jersey)

Soooooo you’ve got a misleading headline about an untrue story?

Great work.


How are you supposed to trust a politician who hires a body double for his own sex tapes?


Great way to not have a story but still make a story out of it!

I can only hope that Ron Jeremy will be persuaded to run for president in 2016.

Twice even. Gawker, and then boingboing.

What kills me is just how unapologetic it all is. I mean, stop and really think about the headline above for a sec. There is no “New Jersey governor tape.” It does not exist. There’s just a porn vid. And it’s not that a “Pornstar may have appeared” in it: a pornstar did appear in it. The “may have” is to make a reader think, “hmm, maybe it really is Christie in the video, and not a porn star.”

Not only do I have a hard time believing this is even on, I have a hard time understanding why this no one is trying to correct the error.

This is absolutely absurd.

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“Whoosh,” as they say.

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