Despite continuous prime-time attention by a fawning media, Chris Christie fails to sell over 2,500 copies of his book

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An oldie, but a goldie.



But one has to ask if his target market can actually read? /s (or is it?)


Maybe more like “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero than Tony. Criminal AF but ultimately loyal to no one but himself.


What, no bulk orders from GOP-adjacent organisations, PACs, dark money?
Chris must have really fallen out of favour.


for some reason the news channels like to bring this unsavory Tony Soprano-esque character on their shows and act like he’s some kind of respected statesman.

The sad fact is, Christie is now what passes for a respected statesman on the American right. The non-Faux corporate news channels are invested in the idea that we still have a duopoly with two equally reasonable and equally sane parties operating in good faith, so they’re stuck working with this low-grade dreck to try to convince their audience it’s still true.


It’s almost like using news shows to sell products is a bad idea, who knew?


That’s kind of the real story here. He’s just not as much of a GQP lightning rod as he once was and therefore won’t get the indignation buys that they usually get. As @anothernewbbaccount points out, I’m betting that only 5-10% of buyers of, say Don Jr’s books actually read said book cover to cover. I’m betting that the bulk of that 2,300 copies was just media outlets handing them to the intern whose job it was to spend Thanksgiving weekend cramming it for juicy bits.


Indeed. I was piss-takingly suggesting his target market can’t actually read when the truth is they can but don’t (or won’t). So they bought Don Jr’s, for example, merely as a trophy/badge of belonging.

That nobody is buying Christie’s, even as a badge of belonging, speaks volumes about his profile and popularity.


He can always get a job collecting tolls on the turnpike.


“Sorry, sir. We’re going to have to lay you off. You see, the governor shut down your lane because the bagel shop across the bridge forgot his Cinnamon Raisin bagel.”


I watched part of one of those media chats with Christie about his book on the PBS Newshour. I could tell almost immediately that there is no audience for this book. It’s neither anti-Trump enough to appeal to the few sane (if still wrong) Republicans left, nor is it pro-Trump enough to appeal to the majority of the party. And let’s face it, no one like Christie enough to buy a book from him anyway.


I’m betting that only 5-10% of buyers of, say Don Jr’s books actually read said book cover to cover.

There are actual words in his book? I figured it was a bunch of doodles of stick figures or something.


Because that’s the career pathway. Same reason we have to listen to that embarrassment Rick Santorum on the regular, as if he is at all relevant at this point.

These douches get a safe landing zone after their political careers dead end. The news gets their false balance. Representing “both sides” by asking some one no one cares about for “analysis”.


As a North Jersey resident, let me reiterate my desire that Chris Christie meet an unspecified, horrific, painful and agonizing fate for the following reasons:

  1. Bridgegate. I live near Fort Lee.
  2. Canceling the subway tunnel extension from Manhattan to Hudson County. Costing 1000’s of jobs and leaving people with limited and/or overly expensive commutes.
  3. Using the cancelled tunnel surplus to temporarily lower gas taxes. Not only were jobs and development opportunities lost but also it incentivized more vehicles cramming into limited commuter areas
  4. For being such an unabashed Trump suckup.
  5. For being an anti vaxxer in one of the states hardest hit by the initial covid wave…

I have access to Bookscan and indeed, it shows what the article says. It’s #11 in the subcategory of political science, putting him just behind Sean Spicer.


Though I can’t say I’m entirely surprised. I just hope they didn’t give him a big advance, so he’s not personally getting anything out of this.

He’s not on the ins with Trump, who apparently is still using the GQP as his personal piggy bank (they’re funding his defenses in various business-related lawsuits, for example). Without that, Christie’s got nothing, as those political organizations bulk orders really are the only ways these dudes actually sell any quantity of books.

I’m betting significantly less. Most of his books were purchased by the RNC to push it onto the NYTimes best-seller list, with some percentage of the rest also purchased by other political groups as “gifts” to donors. Of those actually purchased by individuals, it was mostly a political-affiliation thing, rather than a desire to read the book. So most people who received the book didn’t even want it and probably used it as a doorstop, people who wanted it didn’t necessarily ever read it, and given how bad the book is, I suspect even those who started it rarely finished it.


Marketing his book on Fox News? Is it more complex than a Clifford?

I try to read books written by people I disagree with in hopes of expanding my horizons. Fox is not in the expanding horizons business. He’d have had more success marketing a gun case in the shape of a book with Trump on the cover.

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Those who can’t are the failure of the state. Those who won’t are the cause of their own undoing.

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