Here's the Donald Trump sex tape (sort of)


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I am not hitting show post.


I hit like so it collapsed and disappeared.





I guess we’ll find out if Trump tries specifically to try to slut shame Machado for appearing unclothed in a magazine, as his current wife has done.


Serious question: has anyone clicked ‘Show Post’?


Meh. I clicked.

Just the sound bite of what he’s quoted as saying. Nothing to see here. Move along.


As @Melizmatic would say, hard pass…

I look forward to December and being able to read headlines without Pepto-Bismol handy.



This thread needs all the ‘hell no/nope’ gifs; STAT.


Yeah I did cause well I have always been the sort for asking myself ‘wait people really do that?’ then looking and going yep they do… okay.

Nothing one needs to unsee in it at all unless a younger Donald pouring champagne on a limo is worthy of that.



After he fades back into the toxic cesspool of his private life, I’d like a way to edit him out of my memory entirely a la Eternal Sunshine.


Look, it’s a totally different situation - Trump wasn’t a woman in one of these videos.


I still want him to stroke out, even after he loses…

Yes, I am evil…


Maybe he shouldn’t plug the “helping a model with a sex tape in her past to get citizenship is bad” thing too hard.’


Hold on…one moment…

Okay, sorry I was just sewing some orange cat hair to a voodoo doll. You were saying?





So what, Trunk.

Who’s the metaphorical porn star here, please see metaphor, Mr. Trunk?

It ain’t Machado.

Point 1: Porn stars tweet in the middle of the night.

Point 2: Porn stars seek constant attention.

Point 3: Porn stars don’t know when to quit. Those of us watching know you should quit, but you don’t. shakes collective heads

Point 4: Just finish, would you?

Point 5: Gotcha.