Could Brazil become a military dictatorship once again?

Hah, some people are advocating the return of the monarchy in social networks… No, I am not joking.

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If you run me over on the way to the hospital so your wife can give birth, I’m still dead.

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What do you think the stock market is for?

Do you think minimum wage coupled with the prison-industrial complex and parts of our nation that are police states (I’m looking at you St. Louis) is anything more complicated than legalized serfdom?

Do you think we currently take immigrants children away from them, like property, when they are accused (not even yet convicted, just accused) because we see them as more than property? Because we see them as free people, with dignity?

Some of us do. Many of us do not.

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yeah, because we’re on this earth to maximize profits! /s

your use of the word ‘good’ trouble me. “Convenient” seems more appropriate for that to be truth.

Unless might makes right, of course,


Amputation is never pleasant, but can be necessary when the limb cannot save itself.

Good thing doctor is sober and not in anyones pocket!

Right? RIGHT?!?!?

lets not elevate politicians and generals to the kind of respect due people who swear to do no harm.


Brazilian Here

This is not new: 1960s all again. People forgot to leave Cold War behind. We are under a lawfare situation now. And the interests are all on spoiling us again, as before.

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The fascist cycle is linked to the business cycle. Just look what happened in the 1930s.


Indeed, same is true here and in Europe. I hope you’re right! Good luck!


Apparently, brownshirt is the new black.


Sure why not. We’re pretty damn close ourselves here in the good ol’ US of A.

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That’s pretty ominous. Look what happened in the 1940’s.

You managed to put a lot of words in my mouth there. You managed to interpret my comment which included the sentences below as an endorsement of military dictatorships.

I certainly hope you are right and Brazil doesn’t become a military dictatorship again. And I wish you all the best dealing with the anti-democratic elements in Brazil.

You can say Thing A is good for Thing B without endorsing either. You can say, “racism is the US is good for Trump” without supporting either. And you can say

[Military dictatorships] have shown themselves very good for many types of business and many in the business community welcome them.

without supporting dictatorships or really shitty businesses.

Name one. I’ve not misquoted you. I’ve not implied you think something is good.

You managed to interpre ME that way.

I said one sarcastic thing, noted by the /s. The customary way to “close” a "sarcasm tag’. That may not be obvious but is a common joke here.

What I offered in seriousness was:

your use of the word ‘good’ troubles me. “Convenient” seems more appropriate for that to be truth.

I do not imply you think it good, only that you used the word you did, and another word seemed more apt to me. I also said

Unless might makes right, of course,

Which is to say, those who believe might makes right likely belive it to be “good” in the context of what they see as the highest good. Again, not about you at all,

sure, but in your example you said “good for many kinds of businesses” and again by offering an alternate word that I find more accurate, when speaking about them (not you, right?).

I admit you are free to assume that means I think your word choice to be poor… but have I said that?

Have I said that, or am I to take full responsibility for all possible implications for both of us?

Ahh…I totally misunderstood your first comment and ended up doing exactly what I accused you of doing. Sorry for the douchbaggery. My pie is eaten.

This is a very uninformed post. The extreme right is on the rise as others have mentioned in posts. But differently from the military dictatorship there is no coup. Everything is happening according to laws and following the democratic process. There is a lot of corruption that is showing up. The current government is the same government as before (the current president was Dilma’s vice-president) and they are just as corrupt as the previous government. But they have been managing to keep their grips on power through the legislative branch that is also very corrupt and has no backbone. Corruption probably also spreads to the Supreme Court; the saving grace is they probably don’t have a majority in the court. Let’s see how things evolve and hope they evolve to the intolerance for any corruption.

No, it’s the old black:

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That’s how Hitler rose to power. Just sayin’.

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