Citing Trump, Philippines dictator declares himself to be a "fascist" and vows to persecute peaceful left-wing opposition groups


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How soon until Trump does the same?

Was the deffinition of this word something they discussed between themselves?


I can’t wait to see how he tweets in reaction.


As long as his fascist programme includes killing or ethnically cleansing Muslims, I’m sure many conservatives in the West (including ultra-nationalist Jewish fundies) will be just fine with this declaration.


When the leadership doesn’t feel subject to the rule of law, shit is about to really hit the fan. :confused:


This time next year, civil war spreads everywhere in the Philippines.


Typical leftist media, labeling someone a “fascist” just because they don’t care about being PC and also enact fascist policies and also self-identify as a fascist.


Pointing that out makes them as bad as Nazis!


Rodrigo Duterte - 71 years old.

Life expectancy in the Philippines- 68.4 years.

Only the good die young.


There you are:


His assassination can’t come quickly enough.


Ah, yes. The true bad guys.


I like your ambiguity.



What, misspelling Duterte and shouting ‘TAX CUTS!’ ?
I expected nothing more. :smirk:


I think that’s just a mock-up.

It’s just a mock-up, right?

That didn’t really happen?


I am off-Twitter and happier for it. Someone else can check.
But it LOOKS legit.


Wow. Gotta ask my Filipino friend what he thinks about that. I am not sure if he has close family there or not.



A shining beacon on the hill.

To fascists and white supremacists.

This is what you have become.

(There’s a haiku hiding in there somewhere.)


Duterte is trumps wet dream of power. This needs to be a warning to any American voter who is amused by trumps actions. A Duterte in the white house is only another tragic election away. God spare us such ignorance.