Citing Trump, Philippines dictator declares himself to be a "fascist" and vows to persecute peaceful left-wing opposition groups

This is what you have become always been.


The groups who mentioned want targeted-Fascism and hope we don’t see through their veneer and label them as Fascists.

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Eh, not sure any more than most other mostly white nations. England is responsible for spreading like a fungus around the globe, and brought her own brand of white supremacy with it (which the US was an offspring of).

But I do believe overall the US and the world overall has progressed. Certainly we have a long way to go, and certainly we can point to backsliding in some cases. But the difference too is the large, vocal mass of voices around the world saying “this isn’t ok”. And while in the US and other countries one can point out specific issues, overall I don’t think it’s a fair caricature of what they area about.


If that happened, it would be interesting to see how it would affect our current rate of military aid to Duerte; that ability to “see” assumes that the aid wouldn’t suddenly go dark and aid would instead be made secretly (monetarily, under the guise of other types of aid).

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Spain, England and France brought European imperialism and white supremacy to the Americas:

The economic, technological and military dominance of Western Europe is foundationally based upon this crime:

Military resistance by enslaved people in the Caribbean eventually ended the Atlantic slave trade:

But while the Caribbean slave revolts eventually forced the Europeans to abandon slavery, the more successful suppression of resistance on the US mainland allowed it to persist:

(relevant bit at 7:00, should be pre-cued)

Then, of course, the Slaver’s Revolt. That was a chance to really fix the problem, but it was thrown away in 1877:


From Paxton’s Five Stages of Fascism.

The power of the slavers rebuilds, transforms into a more modern proto-fascism via the second-wave KKK, and then gets locked into place in 1919:

That gets us to the suppression of US socialism and the establishment of the nationwide security state. The US almost went full fascist in the 1930’s, but Pearl Harbour and Roosevelt’s scheming put a stop to that.

After the war, Cold War competition forced a few decades of Bismarckian social concessions. The end of the Cold War dropped that limitation, and it’s been brewing towards the current catastrophe ever since.


BTW: a quick introduction to US/Phillippines history:


I thought the fascists were lefties, and vice-versa? /s

Your post speaks volumes:

Trump is well aware of the general public’s and media’s belief here that – by his failure to clearly and totally denounce home-grown Neo-Nazis – he has no great issue with skinheads and such (with the inevitable fascist epithet springing from that).

By supporting Duterte politically and militarily, and Duterte labeling himself as a fascist, Trump can actually leverage off of Duterte’s US-funded “clean-up” work; what’s happening in the Philippines is a working showpiece of how it takes a strongman to get rid of the “bad guys”, and that plays to Trump’s base and for anyone in the GOP who see advantages there…and perhaps even beyond that by ‘normalizing’ fascism even if destroys democracy in the Philippines.

Trump is banking on US citizens not seeing the growing danger of Trumpism and its fascist overtones here because our lives and senses don’t extend to what’s effectively become a US-backed ‘experiment’ 8000 miles away, and that while the WH can cherry-pick, spin, and sell whatever comes out from the Philippines. They want to sell us fascism without having to use that f-word.


BTW, that phrase “Radical Reconstructionists”.

They were “radical” in the sense that they thought that Black people deserved equal rights. The most “radical” thing they did was to (regrettably temporarily) extend democracy to Black America.

And, in this, they were very similar to the original Radicals.

The “radical” thing that they were trying to achieve was to enfranchise the European working class.

Today, however, radical is almost universally used as a political epithet. Dangerous, foolish radicals.

So, a thought experiment:

Why has the apparent meaning of “radical” in politics changed so much over the years? Who was it who drove that change, and how? Whose interests were served by discrediting radicalism?


Don’t worry, it’s a fake. I made it using a fake Trump tweet generator site. Guess I’ve just become too good at this. :cry:


Also BTW: those last two vids are from Cynical Cypher.

He’s a centre-right American military vet (and academic historian) who owns a few dozen guns.

This is not an argument reliant upon far-left sources. It’s all there to see in the peer-reviewed history.

Seemed real to me.

Sad. :frowning:


“Don’t worry.”
Like THAT ever happens any more!

(Good work, fooled a few :wink: )


Yeah at this point I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see a tweet from him gushing about how great Duterte is.

There is this after all:


But look on the bright side, the trains will be on time. Priorities people!

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In America, we’re not fascists. We just have to make ‘hard’ choicest from time to time ‘for the children’.


Don’t forget “hard working Americans”.


Some more Phillippines history:

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Yet again, Donald helps us see that everything good we believed about the American state is a lie.

Most subversive president ever.


On the campaign trail last year, Trump spoke admiringly about a fictitious event during the Philippine war when General Pershing supposedly executed a number of Muslim prisoners with bullets dipped in pig’s blood.

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