The trumpian president of the Philippines admits to murdering "suspects"

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What concerns me is Trump’s take on this guy. Here’s the quote from the Washington Post

In a statement Saturday, Duterte shared details of a seven-minute conversation that took place Friday. He said that during the call, Trump endorsed his campaign against drug users and dealers — a campaign that has left at least 4,500 Filipinos dead in about five months. Trump told Duterte that he was doing it the ‘right way,’ according to Duterte’s account.

And Reuters reported that Trump invited Duterte to the White House, according to a Philippines official.

Edit: This Duterte guy could have fabricated these supposed details of the conversation. Or maybe Trump had no idea what the situation there was and he praised something he was oblivious to. I like to think had he known, he wouldn’t have praised the efforts but …


I’m sad that I missed being alive for the first moon landing by a few short months. I’m sad that I’m alive to bear witness to the decline of human civilization that came after that. I am sad, Donald. I am sad indeed.


"mooting executing"
Never has mooting sounded so sick.

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Well, finally, an ACTUAL War on Drugs, instead of lip service.

When this fails can we finally start talking about alternative tactics?

Also IIRC during the prohibition era they got all shoot-em-all-y on bootleggers, and it helped escalate the violence even worse. Also in Mexico the wars with the Cartels have increased the violence.

Think of all this the next time you do drugs - try to get stuff made in America so you aren’t contributing to the violence.


This guy must wake up every morning and think, what can I do today that will make Ferdinand Marcos look like a softie?


Complex problems, simple solutions.

“There’s a drug problem” ==> Punish the people making, selling, and using drugs

Makes total sense to people with small minds.


so, his end game is committing suicide in a bunker with his dominatrix mistress?


Well, I am not sure of that that line of thinking equals a small mind. It has been the go to tactic for… for ever. From prohibition to now, and probably both a logical and prudent measure at one point to try. Only because we have tried this method repeatedly, across decades and across many nations and cultures, we should now have the evidence we need to arrive at the conclusion that it doesn’t work.


Fair enough.

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I have a Filipino friend and judging from some previous posts i’ve seen on FB, and as well as other sources online, a number of Filipinos seem perfectly fine with their current present. That level of indifference and/or enthusiasm for someone who is obviously violent and likes to make up their own rules to play by is very disconcerting.


Hmm. My Filipino friend, who now lives in America, is not so supportive.


Sounds like you two aren’t talking to the same Filipino.


o_0 aren’t they all the same? :wink:


I wonder if any of the news media have ever pressed him for why exactly he cares about whether or not anybody uses drugs. It might appear to be a flimsy rationalization for murder, but I would unpack it. Not unlike with the tamer US war on drugs, having them explain why they kill or imprison you to save you from something unhealthy exposes their hypocrisy.


Bets on how long before he gets caught shooting up, or popping pills? Seems a lot like the virulently anti-gay people we get in the US.


Even scarier than the likelihood of Trump using Duterte as a role model, is the certainty that many millions of Americans will adulate him for it.


This is the narrative that connects every “Trumpian” movement worldwide. Annoyed by a lot of intellectual tongue-wagging around narratives that you don’t care about? Use a gun. So much simpler.


Surely executing suspects without due process would be contrary to the ‘rule of law’ platform they’ve been yammering about?

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