The trumpian president of the Philippines admits to murdering "suspects"


“Yeah, well MY Filipino friend can beat up YOUR Filipino friend!”


Actually, he is very proficient in a form of Kung-Fu, Filipino stick and knife fighting, and cross trains with an Akido and other martial arts practitioners. And has a CCW. So yeah… probably :wink:

The other day he showed me how easy what he wanted to do in an RPG was and why he shouldn’t need to roll for it. It was a compelling argument.


Yeah, i’ve been avoiding commenting on her wall about it because it’s not a conversation i’d like to have. I’ve already blocked a friend for constantly posting stuff defending Trump. so yeah.


No, no, they’re yammering about “Law and Order.” Which is totally not at all “Rule of Law.”


The law is zero tolerance, it is harmonious with their platform.


Filipino social values are heavily influenced by Spanish occupation. That includes placing high value on machismo.




He has made some statements that he believes drug sales are funding Islamic terrorism. It seems a little sketchy, but I did find an article about it.


I wonder if drug sales help to fund US, Central American, and Irish terrorism - or if Islam has somehow achieved a corner on that market.


So is climbing a rope, but it’s no fun if there’s not the chance that you’ll roll a 1 and break all your fingers doing it…


I am sure that drug sales support lots of criminal organizations. But I suspect that most drug sales and use have nothing to do with terrorism. Going after drug sales in order to end terrorism seems pretty inefficient.


Don’t forget that he won after refusing to apologize for (and reiterated) stating in the context of a gangrape of a foreign visitor to the country that he only wished he was at the front of the line. Along many other horrible statements.


Now we’ve finally caught you
Now you’re in our claws
Captured in our city
Of laws

There’s no trial or jury
Nothing to discuss
Now the law is speaking
Through us

You’ll get Urinetown!
Off with you to Urinetown!
Away with you to Urinetown!
Now, no more fuss.


Trump’s got a business deal going on there right now. I’m sure Duterte reported the conversation more or less accurately. Trump was in full-on bullshit mode to ingratiate himself. Who knows how he really feels about it,* but it doesn’t matter, as he’ll be obsequious and supportive of whatever Duterte does.

*Although given that Trump was financially involved with a drug importer, and helped fund his defense, I think we know which side of the drug war Trump’s sympathies fall on.


I wouldn’t put it past him to take money from international cartels at the same time he takes money from private prison lobbyists and unions.


He’s had drug-dealer buddies (who were presumably also his suppliers, either for personal or business-related “party favor” use), but yeah, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be happy to screw them over to benefit himself. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s screwed over a friend in business.


I was thinking organized crime through his casinos, but that too!


On top of that, the US already has a certain level of extra-judicial killing.

Right now it consists mostly of police executing suspects and innocents (usually black) on flimsy pretexts or out of pure racially motivated panic. That’s rightly controversial, but many people support it. Many people support the police no matter what. Note how there are always plenty of people ready to find ways to blame the victim for their fate.

I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to foresee a “Law and Order” platform translating into the empowering of thousands of Joe Arpaios in America. They probably won’t be given explicit license to kill suspects on sight, but I won’t be surprised if the police kill a lot more people in the next four years. If Trump insinuates that vigilantism is great, tremendous, the best, then all bets are off.


Duterte is targeting ordinary users and small-time dealers. The big fish go scot free, or at least get due process if they don’t have the right friends in high places.


My guess is that he’ll stoke and coddle the militias first.