Count to ten thousand! (Part 1)


(Can’t get enough practice in.)


and warm Hello to you!

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1122: The Concordat of Worms


1123 - the first four digits in the Fibonacci sequence.


striving to keep the largest number of posts here, where it logically should be–

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What will you do if you don’t succeed? Sorry, wrong thread

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I’m not sure a like is the right thing for me to put on this.

But now you know!

//Initial number of bottles
var bottles = 1126;

for(i = bottles + 1; i > 1; i--) {
  //check if the number of bottles is equal to 1 and writes the final verses of the song. 
  if(bottles == 1) {
    document.write("1 bottle of beer on the wall, 1 bottle of beer. Take one down and pass it around, no more bottles of beer on the wall.");
    document.write("<br/><br />");
    document.write("No more bottles of beer on the wall, no more bottles of beer. Go to the store and buy some more, 1126 bottles of beer on the wall.");
  //writes verses with the number of bottles
  else {
    document.write(bottles + " bottles of beer on the wall, " + bottles + " bottles of beer. ");
    //subtracts one bottle
    //check the number of bottles and sets the plural or singular word for the second part of verse
    var keyword;
    if(bottles == 1) {
      keyword = "bottle";
    } else {
      keyword = "bottles";
 	 //write the second section of the verse
    document.write("Take one down and pass it around, " + bottles + " " + keyword + " of beer on the wall.");

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Hey, SEVEN people found it useful!

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A Bach cantana, BWV 1127:

Someone is singing Vaugh Williams this time, and wistfully thinking of actual melodic works…


hey, pretty good!


Oopsy, 1128 bin dun. placeholding… bach in a minuet…

Ah, here we go. Give some random some Youchoob Luv…

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I’m sitting here snorting with laughter!


When the news is shit, wait till it hits 1130 The Fan

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California Assembly Bill No. 1131

Increases the period of time that a person is prohibited from possessing a firearm based on a mental illness or mental disorder or a serious threat of violence communicated to a licensed psychotherapist

    In French : mille-cent-trente-deux
    In German : ein­tausend­ein­hundert­zwei­und­dreißig
    In Spanish : mil ciento treinta y dos
    In Japanese : 千百三十二

Wondering how is it spelled in other languages? Here are a few examples:

    In Afrikaans : duisend honderd twee-en-dertig
    In Albanian : një mijë e njëqind e tridhjetë e dy
    In Amharic : ሺ መቶ ሦስት አስር ሁለት
    In Arabic : ألف مائة إثنان وثلاثون

Alright, @OtherMichael has lit a fire under my keyboard. :wink:

We’re just going to get through a moderate sequence in a bit of a hurry…

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