Counterculture icon and psychedelic pioneer Ram Dass, RIP

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An interesting pair of perspectives on stroke are the Ram Dass documentary Fierce Grace, and neuro-anatomist Jill Bolte Taylor’s book and TED talk, My Stroke of Insight.

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Richard Alpert?

Ram Dass provided vocals


I got to work with RD on several audiobook covers over the past few years, and while he’s not exactly a conversational guy after his stroke, he was a very warm and charming person to work with, from my brief exposure to him.


No coincidence, I’m sure. If there’s one thing that the LOST writers loved to do, it was to name characters after various literary and philosophical figures (both real and fictional).

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I always kind of wondered.

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Anyone in the caring/healing professions might want to get a copy of his book “How Can I Help”. - one of the best things I’ve read about burnout among helpers.

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