Country Mike's Greatest Hits: when the Beasties recorded a C&W album

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I love the Beasties and all, but I always find things like this so distasteful. They just tend to use a bunch of lazy stereotypes to shit all over a genre they know nothing about.

See also, every ironic cover of a gangsta rap song in a decidedly non-gangsta genre.


“…as C&W albums go, it’s pretty good!”

I think Cory needs to listen to some more actual genuine country & western.

They’ve got some good slide guitar action going on, but Mike’s singing and songwriting wedges this solidly in the “gag” category.


As someone who used to own one of the counterfeit copies of this, I can say with no hesitation that the concept was more entertaining than the actual music. The countrified version of “Rapper’s Delight” is an interesting interpretation, but as a whole the Beasties were wise to make this a limited pressing LP for friends (a valuable collector’s item they could one day sell for more than whatever musical value it has.)

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I have a strong feeling that story of memory loss might be fictitious.

Also, this is what Railroad Blues is supposed to sound like.


I have a recording of a full-on cover of the entire album “The Wall” done by Luther Wright and the Wrongs. It is a novelty country cover, but I enjoy it immensely. I’m no great judge of musical talent, but I think it’s pretty good. Good luck finding a copy.


Most definitely. The vocals are not good.

Luther Wright is definitely not a novelty country act, however. And he will sell you a copy of “Rebuild the Wall” from his website:


I saw Luther Wright playing Nathan Phillips Square once.

I’ve probably listened to Rebuild the Wall more than I’ve listened to the Pink Floyd version of The Wall. It’s conveniently on Spotify (in Canada anyway). I’m not recommending against buying the album - just if anyone wants to give it a listen without committing to a purchase.

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I like GG’s country album too.


Thanks for that. When I originally found this recording, I went to their site, but they were out of stock with no info on future availability. Purchased!

To be clear, I never thought of them as a novelty act, but some of the interpretations across genres were… interesting.

Just listened to a bit and couldn’t make it any further: they are fine musicians and work with fine musicians. The guitar is great. Everything else I heard… not so much.

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The whole Country Mike thing was just a giant gag and intentionally bad. It has its moments but it’s definitely not one of their finer works.

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I definitely prefer Pink Floyd’s version. The melody is there (mostly). The words are there (mostly), but the effect is completely different.

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