Couple crashes plane in ocean and manages to take video while waiting for rescue

This guy is a known asshat who thinks he is hot shit:


I’m a commercial fisherman with my boat in Half Moon Bay harbor. I’m good friends with the harbor masters who were part of the response team. They feel the “crash” is highly suspect. They think it was intentional. Some sort of media stunt. Apparently he has a history pulling stunts.


Where are your life jackets, you numpties?! Flying over water you are supposed to have them. Btw, people who think this was intentional…seems unlikely. Airplane are expensive, and ditching is not a fool-proof exercise. Easy to end up inverted and drown trying to get out…

Planes and shutterbugs…maybe not such a good idea.

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Social media users said the snowmobiler who was photographed riding through an area with no snow near the Upper Lost Man trail on July 3 was obviously Lesh as, a day later, Lesh posted pictures of himself in the same outfit, riding a sled with the same custom paint work in the nearby Independence Pass wilderness area where snowmobiles are not allowed.

In addition to breaking the law, the snowmobilers caused damage to sensitive root systems and vegetation in the area, said Ecologist Dawn Barton, who witnessed the snowmobilers riding through the area with no snow on July 3. Barton said they were being “environmentally unconscionable.”

David Lesh: “Hmmm…I guess I’ll have to hold my own beer.”

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