Court bans man from vending machines... all of 'em


He’s not permitted to use ford or beverage vending machines

Sure, make him buy cars from used car salesman.

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He is not permitted to be seen using a vending machine by somebody who knows he is banned from them.

I think he could get away with it even with a squadron of cops around, as long as none of them has a clue about this court decision.


Exactly. How is this enforceable? You’d think judges would be interested in issuing orders that don’t demand to be flouted.

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Concealed within his fortress, the lord of Manchester sees all. His gaze pierces cloud , shadow, earth, and flesh. You know of what I speak, @shaddack


The cameras are like apathetic cops. They look but they cannot see on their own; all they can do is remembering an often rather lousy image. The cost of identification of a person from such a low-fps grainy compressed stream is so far fairly high, albeit millions of dollars in research grants are flowing in to solve this.

Delmar: We was beat up by a Bible salesman and banished from Woolworths. Everett, was it the one branch or all of them?


Yeah…kinda like when Credence Clearwater Revival was banned from using laundromats in Florence Oregon.

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Well then, maybe you shouldn’t have been such a scumbag, what with all the stealing and what-have-you.

But yeah, I can’t see how this is even remotely enforceable.

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