"Court guardians" kidnap old people, sell all their stuff, doom victims to pharmaceutical oblivion in institutions


Perhaps a law firm with a few extra-legals on staff.


I’m pretty sure this is why they are demolishing the NHS in the UK. If you want a picture of the future, forget the boot on the face, go for people farming.


I’ve worked in privately-run nursing homes.

I would be happy to see the people who profit from such institutions spend the rest of their lives in prison.


Much lower.

That report is from before Trump.


So basically one of the plots in “Better Call Saul”.

I assume the writers were inspired by this story.


There’s often some statutory rate for managing an estate and even if your niece/nephew say “No, no, Uncle Gracchus, we’ll do it for free!” nod your head and say thanks, but you building in some compensation is really a big favor to them. If the niece takes the laboring oar, paying her a bit more is a good way to avoid fights. I’ve seen that a time or two where my wife’s aunt, on the death of her father, presented a bill to my MIL (who was executor) for thousands of dollars of petty things (ironing shirts, laundry, etc.) – it was a tiny amount of money compared to what was there, but it was a big fight because things hadn’t been set out ahead of time. Anyway, Nolo Press is your best first cut at legal stuff. Feel free to PM me if you had any other specifics.


My niece and nephew are already getting almost everything I leave behind, and while that may inspire them to hasten my demise if they go bad there’s no point in their keeping me alive milk me dry like the overgrown ticks featured in the story. Agreed that a little extra compensation is in order for the person actually doing the guardianship just as it would be for an executor, and seconding your recommendation on Nolo Press (though I use an estate attorney for these matters).


Besides all the prudent stuff like arranging estates and guardians, mentally prepare yourself for what to do if some jackass shows up at the door with two beefy assistants in a “shock and awe” attack designed to knock elderly people off balance and keep them there until it’s too late.

Do not go gentle into that night and fog.


I would suggest investigating her for granny farming, except I expect Trump would immediately pardon her when she was found guilty.


People who prey on the elderly deserve to go feet first into a dull woodchipper.

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