"Court guardians" kidnap old people, sell all their stuff, doom victims to pharmaceutical oblivion in institutions

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I read this story yesterday and my rage only grew with every paragraph. This April Parks pond scum deserves to be consigned to a pitch-black Supermax cell for the rest of her life.

I’ve already made a note to update my estate to ensure that parasites like this will have a harder time getting guardianship over my childless golden years (not that having a child is much of a guarantee when lots of money is at stake and judges and doctors and others are in on the racket, according to the article).


IAAL, and a good candidate to mind you and your stuff is an adult child of a friend or a niece or nephew and see that they are fairly paid for their services as an executor/trustee. You never know what might be going on with them at the time you need them, and you want to make sure you have their attention at the time. Too many people make friends their trustees/guardians but they don’t have the energy at 80 or whatever to deal with it.


Find a fox in the henhouse? Put it in charge of a different henhouse! Problem solved!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Trump’s second presidential pardon, and also the future secretary of HHS.


Looking into it, I found that an executor or trustee, even one with power of attorney, is not necessarily the same thing as a guardian. But you’re absolutely right. I’ll be specifying my niece and nephew as first in line for guardianship.


I hope April Parks ends up in a facility run by equally very fine people.


Your paranoia in preparing for the future like this makes me doubt your sanity, time to petition for your guardianship…

That was the part of the article that enraged and was frightening, any attempt to fight the process was seen to be proof that guardianship was required. I actually blame the judge more, either he was jaded or overwhelmed by all of the cases coming to him, he was incompetent, or he was on the take. None of those suggest he really had anyone best interests at heart. For all of the US talk of individual rights we seem to like blithely taking them away.


Yep. Best to take care of these things well ahead of time so they can’t pull the old “wasn’t in his right mind” game. I don’t know if the judge was on the take, but all of the other things you mention could have been operating at the same time.


Isn’t it amazing what lawyers can do? If they can’t outright bill you for the time it takes to answer a question, they’ll attempt to steal money from you after getting the court to agree with them after pointing out to the court that you still have money leftover.


This stuff happens a lot with elderly people with some money, and diminished faculties.

Friend of mine’s grandmother wired several hundred thousand dollars to what is believed to be scammers (nobody knows how they got in contact or what they said). She also sold her newish truck to the neighbors for $100.

My friend’s mom’s half siblings managed to talk her into cutting the mom out of the will - - even though they are wealthy. The mom had about 100k bilked out of her by her shitty other daughter and son in law. (Trump supporters and “good Christians”)


So, if there was a scale of how civilized a country is, say from one to ten, with one being the worst parts of Dubai, and ten being Norway, where would the US sit now? 6?

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I’ll be the executor of at least one estate within the next couple decades. One of which may be a ripe target for such horrors. I’ll let that relative know in short order that it’s necessary to contact her lawyer to make sure I’m specified to be guardian, too.


Make sure there are alternates, too. You might be indisposed.


That’s gonna be difficult, that side of the family isn’t composed of many people. Perhaps my own son should be alternate, then. He should be a functional adult before any of this becomes relevant.


Perhaps a retainer with a reputable firm of hit-men and leg-breakers?


Paging Speaker Ryan - the new Medicare plan is ready for your approval.


pharmaceutical oblivion

Where do I sign up?


I think we need a razor sharp lawyer to work on the Constitutional right not to be enslaved and see where they can go with that. This is beyond horrible.

thank god I’m below poverty line

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I was going to suggest a law firm (or is that what you meant?).