Nurse with hangover sedated patients, eventually killing them, so he could nap unbothered

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that he kept doing it after the first death…

put a catheter in him, hook him up to an alcohol iv drip and be done with him.


He was a trained geriatric care worker but had embellished his CV.

This is about what I’d expect from many geriatric care workers. There’s a reason I care for my elderly father with Alzheimer’s disease at home despite the extreme difficulty. We tried putting him in a facility… never again. Obviously, not everyone who cares for the elderly is like this… but enough are and post-COVID society is so desperate for anyone to fill the gaps in staffing that elder care facilities are now just ways for families to hasten their elderly relatives’ deaths without having to watch. Time and again my sister and I were treated as weird anomalies for actually checking on our father and trying over and over to get problems with his care addressed instead of just dropping him off and never coming back, and every third party we tried to contact for help just acted like that attitude was to be expected from the entire industry. I’m a bit surprised to see this dehumanizing behavior in Germany rather than the United States, but not especially shocked that this level of elder abuse isn’t exclusive to the USA.


This is why my parents stayed at home when they got cancer.

And why I’ll end myself before entering a nursing home.


My family has had similar experiences. The two times nursing home care couldn’t be avoided, we took turns making visits at various times of day/days of the week. The number of people who never had a single visitor (or told us their family lived across the country) was staggering. We made a point of getting to know the staff and making sure our relatives were not seen as just a number. Sometimes the knowledge that someone is watching makes a huge difference.

What concerns me is that a similar attitude among some workers is spreading throughout the healthcare industry. In my area, we’ve seen a lot of regulations for skilled care in nursing homes eroded or eliminated as large corporations kept merging. Now, there’s a lot of unskilled labor and high turnover. This is on purpose, because those profits continue to increase while pay does not.

We’re seeing more scary reports about terrible pay/working conditions in hospitals, rehab facilities for patient recovery after surgery or to regain mobility before returning home, and in the at-home nursing care firms. Not surprisingly, they are followed by stories in the news about malpractice, abuse, violations of patients’ privacy (from workers posting things about them on social media), etc… All that is on top of the concerns members of marginalized groups already had to tackle to get proper treatment.

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I can only hope that whoever is in charge of cleaning this up reserve a sufficiently large amount of punishment for everyone involved in the see-no-evil portion of the process.

Mr. G sounds like a gentleman of negative value; but he wasn’t exactly a criminal mastermind subverting diligent checks by means no one could possibly have anticipated.


Looking forward to his book tour and Foxnews appearance.

this is a very serious crime. this guy is a murderer, among other very serious crimes. he should be executed.

that said, this is sadly not surprising to me- geriatric care in this country is pathetic and inhumane. unless you hire someone to be there watching and advocating for your loved one, your loved one will be sorely abused.

The people attending our families and friends in need should be the most respected and highest paid in any community. Being a good nurse and carer is what I find an unthinkable task on such a low wage yet there are very good people out there.

Yes, absolutely get involved and be pro-active in whatever situation you find a loved person in. I’d take a good nurses advice over many of the highly paid doctors and surgeons that phone in their skills by the hour.

The bad nurse with a hangover is not the problem - the fact that a bad nurse can exist in the system is. The fish rots from the head down.

Thank you to the good nurses out there.


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