Court rules that calling an MP "a coward" isn't a crime


Seem’s like they’re in bed with our local style of punishment, push expensive self-defeating litigation onto someone. You don’t have to throw them in jail, just take all their resources and leave them a shell. Interesting strategy, makes you not seem oppressive while actually doing just that.


Now, when a footballer throws themselves to the ground clutching their head after the ball has bounced off their thigh, are they copying the politicians or are the politicians copying the footballers?
And why is it such a successful strategy when everyone can clearly see what’s going on in such a public theatre?
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Well, fortunately the court awarded costs to the defendant here. Though frankly, if you can’t take someone calling you a coward you shouldn’t be an MP.


“Separately, one of Weatherley’s staffers brought assault and battery charges against Cline for allegedly throwing glitter,” Sounds like his staffers are cowards, too.


Section 4 either needs binning or a serous rewrite before the rest of the world do themselves a mischief shaking their heads in disbelief.


Once they amended that law that made it a crime to allege a police horse had other-than-heterosexual inclinations, we knew impugning the courage of MPs would be next.

In any case, we already knew that plenty of MPs lacked courage, just as many lack intelligence, and many lack heart. Most probably know how to get to Kansas, but few do so.

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I’m totally not a coward! Take that back!

Hey, cops, courts, bash this guy! He called me a coward!

Do UK police horses operate under a “don’t ask; don’t tell” policy?

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They’d have had a better chance with the glitter charges - that stuff can be really bad if it gets in your eyes.

Truth is generally a great defense to libel.

Glitterin’. And creatin’ a disturbance.

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That’s really for the court in The Hague to pronounce.

IIRC (which I may not), it isn’t necessarily in Britain.

As an American, it’s always nice to be reminded that other first-world governments can be just as dumb as ours.

This article really belongs on The Onion, or NewsThump. Not in real life.

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