Court tells yoga troll that poses can't be copyrighted

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Yay - some news I don’t feel bad or even particularly conflicted about. It sounds like a sensible ruling, and it’s a legal kick in the teeth to someone I hate. win/win


"Yoga Troll" Holy shit that takes the vegan cake!


So I guess that with the judgment, his own atomic balls just exploded in his pants. No need to hand his ass to him, it just flew in his face from the blast.


“reduced tone at definitions” -> “reduced to neat definitions”

you space nazi

edited to add: i mean, not really. I was just charmed by the fact that a grammar nazi who corrects the placement of spaces could be called a space nazi, and my tendency to self-censor inane bullshit didn’t kick in before I hit the post button


I am not so sure about the 100 megaton claim. His outfit leaves little to the imagination.


[quote=“TooGoodToCheck_, post:6, topic:67202”]
you space nazi


That’s some Downard Facing Bullshit.


“I have balls like atom bombs, two of them, 100 megatons each. Nobody fucks with me.”

Sir, a simple photo belies that statement.

And don’t tell me it was cold in there.



His newest pose…


Clearly the court could have used the Seven Minute Abs v. Six Minutes Abs case.

I mean … nobody’s comin’ up with 6. Who works out in 6 minutes? You won’t even get your heart goin, not even a mouse on a wheel.

Maybe he can copyright his sequence of rapes.

“Millionaire yoga troll” has to be my favorite headline for 2015.

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It also work s as an unusually interesting entry in the Wandering Monsters Table.

Weapons: megaton testicles
Weaknesses: cold, law

This guy truly is the biggest douche ever.

Unfortunately, many in the yoga world act like the sin of spreading “gossip” is worse than warning people away from a known dangerous person.

He is ripping people off in all of his business practices, he is raping women, he has been known for years and years to the yoga community to be doing this stuff. Why are the yoga teachers not shutting this guy down? Why are they not speaking against him? Why are they not protesting outside his franchises to shame him and effect his market? Because it would make them look not nice???


I thought it was settled a couple years ago that the poses weren’t protected by copyright but the name and dialog still was. So a studio couldn’t teach “Bikram Yoga” and use his (very ESL) dialog, but could teach “Hot Yoga” with the same postures and different dialog.

The official Bikram dialog has such gems as “make your body flat like Japanese ham sandwich,” so that’s no great loss.

Nice. Fuck that guy, and his method of organized heat exhaustion through unnecessarily long stretching.

At a fundamental level unlike, say ballet, yoga isn’t intended to be expressive. It’s for DOING and not WATCHING. So it should not be copyrightable. That is the difference between exercise and dance…Kind of like the difference between olympic wrestling and the WWE. He can certainly copyright films and instructional material depicting yoga, but that does not protect the underlying actions, anymore than the copyright on a baseball broadcast prevents you from playing a game of baseball.

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