Cover from 1922 zine called The Flapper


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It seems appropriate, if tragic, that the great depression killed off this it girl like it killed off the idea of flappers.

The shoes. I love the shoes.

It can only mean that despite yelling at clouds and telling (imaginary) kids to get off my lawn, I am NOT an old fogie. I was starting to wonder. :smile:

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…Did she have a hungry little dachshund ?

Looks pretty typical.

Definitely an “it” girl - hubba hubba!

Of course, the prohibitively high cost of geese meant that poorer city kids had to find their own way of making a statement, which led to the more practical fad of hanging an onion on your belt. Soon thereafter, the fashion of the streets worked its way into the mainstream.



Well, it killed off the 20s countercultural wave, but set the stage for the next one. My grandmother’s youth seemed to fit the bill for counterculture in 30s London, which from what I gather was a complete ball until somebody started dropping bombs on the city.


One of the all time great (if obviously false) Hollywood stories.

It killed off HP Lovecraft, too. March 15, 1937.

I never knew H.P. Lovecraft was a flapper.

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20 cents a copy, sex even sold back then. The Flapper and the Fapper: an unrequited love story.

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I don’t think it was the high cost of geese so much as that municipalities prohibited people from keeping farm animals. Not only did this prevent sexily clad women from walking their geese on the beach it also prevented housecats from riding sheep.


I didn’t know until now that this song was about anyone who’d really existed:

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I was a child when I first saw the photo of her after being eaten by her dog, in my mom’s copy of Hollywood Babylon.

When I heard the Nick Lowe song, years later, it all came back to me. (“She was a winner/That became a doggie’s dinner.”)

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